Count On Spyera For Effective Cell Phone Spy

Cell phone spy is a rising trend among many business owners looking for an effective surveillance over the employees. It’s common among parents as well concerned about the whereabouts and friend circle of children. Are you too planning to invest on a cell phone spy software and looking for an effective option? Well, you can go for Spyera software here as it has been consistently voted as “Best” & “Outstanding” for several years since its inception in 1999. It’s an award winning software and hence you can be pretty confident about a top notch performance here. The article below offers a brief on the great features of Spyera cell phone spy software.

Before getting into all the features, it must be stressed that Spyera is backed by two unique features that you won’t find in other cell phone spy software.

  • Call interception

Spyera comes with an advanced technology that enables users the unique ability to snoop in to live phone calls made or received by the target mobile phone. You will get alert MMS the moment a live call is made through the mobile.

  • Ambient listening & recording

The Spyera cell phone spy software is backed by another exclusive capacity to to track everything happening around target person via hidden calls made to target cell phone. The user here would be able to capture whatever conversation taking place in that room.

Now, let’s look at other great features of Spyera-

  • Records live call– It will record the live calls & save them so that you can catch them later in case you are busy at present.

  • SMS tracking– It will track SMS messages sent & received by the target phone, even those that were deleted.

  • Tracks web browsing activities-It will offer you reports on websites surfed, activities on social networking sites and emails.

  • VoIP spy- it can spy on the VoIP calls.

  • Hidden shots– It can take hidden shots with target cell phone’s camera.

  • Undetectable– It works in an undetectable mode.

  • SIM notification– It will inform you whenever the target phone changes SIM.

  • GPS tracking– It will inform on location of target phone.

  • Money back– It offers a 10 day money back guarantee.

  • Compatible with varied operating systems– It is compatible with Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows PC.

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