EaseUS Data Recovery Software

We all have been through situations when we have lost data due to some reason or the other and at the end were in a fix about how to resolve the matter. Data loss might happen due to deletion, partition loss, formatting or the most common one is the accidental deletion of files and folders. So, in case you have lost your old favorite pictures or the video that you shoot on the last day of your college or for that matter, the important documents, then fret not as you can now recover all the lost data in a jiffy. Even the emails can be recovered quite comfortably as well with the help of this data recovery software.

It is easy to use and even a novice can make use of this software just like a pro. The steps involved in recovering this software are as simple as 1-2-3. You will have to launch the software and then scan through the whole system to look for the files that you have lost. Once the scanning is complete, you can look into the files that have come up in the scan result.

Now restore only the ones that you feel is important and you need to complete your work. The free software that is used for the recovery of data is touted as one of the best ones in the market available at the moment. The data recovery software works just fine in case your hard drive has been damaged or your software has crashed. The software has the options of two types of scanning, so if you don’t have too much of time, then you can go for a quick scan and in case you do not find the required files in the quick scan result, then you can opt for deep scan. It will scan through the whole system and look for your lost files.

free recovery software

As good as the paid one

In most cases, we feel that the free software don’t even have the basic features, but when it comes to the EaseUS free recovery software, you will get all the features that are required for the personal usage. There is a pro version as well, which you can use if you need to avail the advanced features. The free version is capable enough to retrieve the lost data from your computer, digital devices, laptop, different storage devices and even from servers. As the scanning takes a lot of time, you can pause it any point of time in the middle and it will resume from there only.

You can also save the result of the scanning, so that the next time when you will need the software to perform the recovery process, you don’t have to go through the scanning all over again. This will save your time and effort both and the recovery process will be completed even before you realize. If you want the software to locate your files even faster, then you can mention the file types that you are looking for.

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