Why Are PrestaShop Templates A Favorite With Ecommerce Sites?

PrestaShop templates command great admiration from ecommerce site owners today and you will find PrestaShop themes in several cutting-edge websites. Powered by MySQL, PHP & Smarty Template Engine, PrestaShop is a popular open source software with easily customizable codes. The ecommerce solution was first released back in 2007 & since then it has shows quite a steady growth. The article here explains the many benefits of taking to premium prestashop templates.

Easy & fast to install

One of the major reasons behind the staggering popularity of PrestaShop templates is that these are really fast and easy to install. PrestaShop is famous for its small 2..2 MB size that assures installation within seconds only.

In-built SEO features

The PrestaShop templates come up with a wide variety of in-built SEO features that makes it easier to top the search engines for the websites. You have the URL rewriting option that assures friendly dedicated URLs & meta tags for each of your products. Another important SEO feature here is Google Sitemap which enables you to use the auto-generated website map. Then, there is the Canonical URL that aids to reduce number of duplicate contents on your site.

prestashop templates

Fully equipped shopping cart

The PrestaShop templates come up with all the major things you need to build up a fully equipped shopping cart site. These include features for product catalogue, shipping, stocks, orders, newsletters, coupons & codes.

Boosts customer loyalty

You can easily boost up customer loyalty & satisfaction if your website is powered by PrestaShop templates. This is because PrestaShop comes up with several features to ensure a highly satisfied experience for your customers- such as features for coupons, gift vouchers, quantity discounts, features that allow to post feedback & comments and so on.

Moreover, PrestaShop templates are compatible with varied international languages & currencies that will facilitate your global reach.

Bespoke affiliate programs

PrestaShop templates will allow you to run bespoke affiliate programs & you will even receive elaborate statistics regarding their performance

Impressive security

Then, PrestaShop templates allow you to assure impressive security with your site- a major feature of robust shopping cart websites. When your site has the PrestaShop backup, you can be assured of strong protection from hackers & different malicious software. This ecommerce solution will allow you to set security permit for the users; will help to block email-header injections, repeated attempts on password recovery etc.

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