iPV4, a Brand New Vaping Device from Pioneer4you


It is not about reducing human rights, but everyone must admit that when it comes to smoking stuffs, more, the smoke that is produced, it really brings inconvenient experience for the non-smokers. However, the invention of vaping device as the substitution of analog like iPV4 box mod is known very helpful to dismiss the bad effect that is produced by an analog. And, guess what? The tricky thing about vaping device is, the more it has no analog appearance, the more the enjoyment will be felt by its user. Anyway, are you one of many users that use vaping device as analog replacement?

Nevertheless, back to iPV4 100w box mod, this vaping device is known as the updated model which deliver its user with more fascinating experience while vaping. It is because there are some new features which become the part of this vaping device. The most noticeable feature from a vaping device like this is the addition of temperature control which somehow really eases its user when enjoying this vaping device. Not to mention, but if in your previous vaping device you have difficulty while switching the battery, since this updated model has full magnetic door, then such inconvenient circumstance will never ever happen again.

Anyway, in details, here are some features you may get from this stunning iPV4, they are; resistance read feature which is down to 0.1 ohm, ohm resistance meter (auto), USB port (mini) which you can use it for update, YIHI SX 330 v4S for its chip, dual batteries like 18650, pas through mod, and many more. Oh, you need to know that when purchasing iPV4 100w, the battery is not include in the package which means you need to purchase it’s separately. Nevertheless, thinking about buying one? Vaporize Chief offers is one from some places you can buy this vaping device online. The good thing about this vaping device online store is, you can cut down the expense to $20.00 from its original price $99.95.

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