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iPhone 6 case online storesI purchased a new iPhone 6 the other day. My last iPhone was the iPhone 5, however, I dropped it and cracked the screen. So I figured that there was no better time to purchase the new iPhone 6. The truth is that I was not too upset about having to purchase the new iPhone 6 as I wanted to do so anyways.

Back to the story. I walked into my local cell phone store and started looking at the new iPhone 6 and playing with the new features and new that it was the right phone for me. I could not wait to take it home and start using it.

The one thing that I knew I was going to do when I purchased the new iPhone 6 was purchase an iPhone 6 case. I did not want to run into the same problem where I drop it and the screen cracks into a thousand pieces. That simply would not be good right after I spent all of this money on a new iPhone.

The iPhone 5

As I mentioned before, my last iPhone was the iPhone 5 and I dropped it and the screen completely broke on me. But the one thing that kills me most about it was the fact that I had an iPhone case on it. Turns out, not all iPhone cases are created equal as this case did not stop my iPhone screen from cracking.

Fast forward to purchasing this new iPhone 6, I knew that I needed to buy a very good case that would last a long time and would also do a very good job protecting my new iPhone 6, even if it made the phone very bulky.

So I told the salesperson at the cell phone store that I also wanted to look at the iPhone 6 cases. He brought me over the to displays and we started looking at the different iPhone 6 cases that they had there. I found one that I liked, the salesperson said it was a good case to have for the iPhone 6 and I figured that he should know better than me. So I said I wanted it. That is when I saw the price.

I could not believe how much this iPhone cost. They wanted an arm and a leg from me in order to purchase this iPhone and there was no way I was going to pay it. That is when I was going to start looking at iPhone 6 case online stores to see what kind of selection and pricing they had. Turns out that they cost just a small fraction of what the cell phone stores charge for iPhone 6 cases. So if you are looking to purchase an iPhone 6 case for your iPhone 6, which I strongly recommend, go online and purchase it from an iPhone 6 case online store. You’ll end up saving a lot of money.

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