Your Website: The Needle in the Online Haystack

If you’ve taken the time to develop your online presence, then you’ll want to ensure your customers can actually find your website. Optimisation is an ever changing game, with businesses forced to eThe Needle in the Online Haystackvolve new strategies to remain competitive and visible in the online presence. The most beautiful website will be wasted if its information is outdated and the structure is poor, and this will lead to a poor return on investment.

The Needle in the Online Haystack

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The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the internet is growing exponentially. Google also regularly changes its algorithms which are used to rank websites. Most businesses need to appear on the first couple of pages for a search relating to their market, products or services.

This is a challenge – non-investment in SEO will result in a non-moving position in the rankings: those competitors that invest in search engine optimisation will move ahead. So what can you do?

Get the basics right

Make sure your site has a good website structure that is designed to facilitate user journeys. Ensure each page has a relevant title, and that it has metatags that help search engines to identify and index its content. Use a URL that is designed to be SEO friendly, and above all, ensure that your content is regularly updated and refreshed. Also, make sure your developer submits an XML map of your website to each search engine. You can also invite each main search engine to carry out a ‘crawl’ of your online presence, which will help it to index the site.

Get professional help

City based businesses can benefit from the services of a London adwords consultant such as one of the team based at Elevate UK. These professionals can help you to develop an online SEO strategy or directly carry out optimisation work to ensure your website is present and visible to your target markets.

Research keywords

Keywords are key to your website. These are the phrases or words that customers would use to find your website. As well as the name of your company, consider a search term that your customer might use. If you type it into Google, does your website rank clearly? A Google adwords consultant can carry out research into these keywords and assess which ones are right for your business. Once you know this, you can ensure that they are reflected in your content to help your rankings.

Invest in reciprocal linking

Another good way to improve your rankings is to ensure you have lots of high quality reciprocal links to and from your website. Look at directory listings, but avoid paying money to firms who offer linking solutions. There are plenty of ways to come to quality reciprocal linking arrangements with businesses that are not competitors. Think broadly, and employ the services of a professional consultant as necessary to help devise a strategy that your web team or resource can deliver for you. Investment, effort, strategic thinking and plenty of fresh content will help to develop your website in the right direction and make it as visible as possible to your target markets.

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