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GSM Gateway

ANTRAX GSM Gateway (VoIP gateway) is comprised of up to 15 GSM Boards every just one wide-spread 3U sub-rack. Every GSM board can handle two programs, my spouse and i. electronic. simultaneous calls. VoIP GSM gateway utilized in VoIP GSM gateway help almost all music group connected with GSM frequencies, GPRS, IMEI alter as well as […]

Considering Hosted VoIP Solutions for Office

VoIP is voice over internet protocol. It is a technology that you can use telephone calls through internet rather than the traditional telephone call. It is a solver for you who have office or offices that needs telephone call for daily deal. We all know that the bill of the telephone can be so much […]

Reasons to Choose a Hosting Package Selectively

These days, finding a web hosting company has become much easier. Whether you want to host a business website or a personal website, you should be able to do it easily. It is true that almost all web hosting companies have been available on the internet. To check it, you can simply browse the web […]

Finding the Best Website Designer in Sri Lanka

If you are running a business, you must want to do all the best things for your business so that it can grow and give you optimum profit. When you are getting the business, it means you have to also be sure that you can find the best way in making your business to be […]

Why Man Down Alarms Should be Included in Every Prison Security Systems in Quebec

During the last year, many doubts have been expressed over how security is handled in prisons and prison security systems in general. Indeed, 3 inmates escaped from the Orsainville prison in 2014 and in 2015, a former biker gang leader’s son was able to leave prison before the end of his sentence because of a […]