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Programmatic Mobile Marketing

The world of marketing is an ever-evolving landscape that is redefined on a nearly daily basis. What might have worked great yesterday may be obsolete tomorrow. This is particularly the case in terms of the rise of the smartphone. This sector is now known as mobile commerce (or m-commerce for short). As should be expected, […]

VR Headsets: Which Will Triumph?

What’s the next hot thing I hear you ask? VR headsets, a world of volume, a world of visual up climb! There are conglomerations of ‘technologies’ on the market for consumers to engulf their pockets into. Here we have the topic, ‘virtual reality headset’s’, which one will triumph? It doesn’t seem long that these cool […]

The Use Case of new Bulk voice SMS

In today’s world, thanks to the technology, everything is well connected with the help of mobile phone. World has come much closer with the help of this advanced technology. With the help of the technology one can send SMS to anyone in the world in very less time and can convey the message. However there […]

Computer Monitoring Software and Some of Its Misconceptions

Computer monitoring software, also known as keylogger or computer surveillance software, is a kind of program or application used to manage all the computer units and other devices connected to a company’s network and database from a single control point. It also has the ability to monitor, observe, or track how employees use these computers […]

Critical Systems Inc Makes AMI’s New M217 Power Supply Available For Purchase

Critical Systems Inc is a process tool specialist for the industrial sector, and they have just made AMI’s new orbital welding power supply available to purchase or to rent. Orbital Welding is a means by which computers can mechanically rotate the arc through 360 degrees for gas tungsten arc welding processes, eliminating human error and […]