The Information of VIN Code

The Information of VIN Code

Maybe some of you already know about the VIN code. It stands for Vehicle Identification Number. You can find this code on the certain parts of your vehicle. The code consists of a combination of numbers and letters. In addition, it can also be interpreted as the identification number including the serial numbers on vehicles such as trucks, cars, motorcycles, and so forth. From these explanations, VIN is the official identity of vehicle. Moreover, VIN search is the unique code from automotive manufacturers to see clearly the identity and partial specifications of the vehicle. The letters and numbers that are listed in VIN are 17 digits.

Each digit has the specific meaning. Here is the explanation. First to third digits indicate the manufacturer and where the car is made. The fourth digit indicates the machine that is used, while the fifth provides information about the type of vehicle. For example, for the letter D, it indicates that it is the pickup or truck types. For the sixth digit that is written of the numbers 0-9, this shows the change of the model of the car. Meanwhile, the seventh digit can be used to determine the type of the car body. For example, 1 means that the car has a standard axle distance and 2 show that the car has the long wheelbase. For 4, it shows that the vehicle is the type of wagon.

VIN lookup is very important to access all the information about the vehicle. The letters on the eighth digit indicates the other additional information. If S means the standard type, Y means 4WD models. Furthermore, H indicates that the vehicle is a kind of heavy duty vehicles. Besides, the tenth digit has very important information as you can know the year of manufacture of the vehicle. If this has M letter, it is made in 1991 and N is produced in 1992 and so on. The eleventh digit indicates where the car is assembled or undergoes the manufacturing process. Surely, each brand has its own code. Meanwhile, for the digit 12 and so forth, they only show the serial number of the vehicle. Therefore, it does not mean anything except just the sequence of production.

In addition, you must know the characteristic of Free VIN decoder. Nowadays, there are four standard to VIN. The first is FMVSS 115, Part 565. It is used in Canada and the USA. The second is ISO Standard 3779 that is used in Europe and in several other countries. The third is SAE J853. This is the same as ISO. And the last is ADR 43 in Australia. Simply put, every character in every position has a meaning related to the manufacture, model and vehicle details. The first three digits form the World Manufacturer Identifier or WMI. Manufacturers that produce vehicles in the large number are required to use their own WMI. The 4th to 8th digits are called Vehicle Descriptor Section or VDS code. Besides, VIN can also identify the information, so that the vehicle can be registered officially.

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