The Use Case of new Bulk voice SMS

In today’s world, thanks to the technology, everything is well connected with the help of mobile phone. World has come much closer with the help of this advanced technology. With the help of the technology one can send SMS to anyone in the world in very less time and can convey the message. However there are some limitations to the usage of a simple SMS. Besides it may become costly to use it when one wants to use online messaging system. In such situation, ‘Bulk SMS Service’ comes to rescue. BhashSMS is a growing name in bulk SMS service.

In addition to this, a voice message will add more to aestheticism. For example, in an event, if the organiser wishes to inform the invitees about any change in program or any other important information then in such situation he or she may record the message and broadcast it to the group of invitees. In such case, bulk voice SMS is a good option. It would add meaning to the message after comparing to the plain text messages sent on mobile phones.

BhashSMS provides all bulk voice SMS at reasonable price. Whether it is a Business Message, promotional message or transactional message, BhashSMS provides all bulk voice SMS service at cheaper rates. Just one has to create a profile online and feed mobile numbers and further select the plan or package according to his requirement. One can also save all contact numbers in an excel file for future reference. The price becomes less as the number of SMS (quantity of bulk) increases. Therefore, the people who are using it for business purpose shall get lots of benefits out of it.

Bulk voice SMS are pre-recorded voice messages sent to all mobile and landline networks all over the country. The bulk voice SMS strengthens the position of a business entity in the market. It enables the person or an organisation to communicate with its customer through a customised voice message. It shows the expression of emotions in your message whether it is an excitement or anger or happiness. Apart from business and commercialisation, one can also use it for any personal event or reason like sending invitations to friends or family members.

The advantages of such Bulk voice SMS are several. At BhashSMS, it does not incur any monthly fees, no set up fees or any hidden charges. The delivery of messages is fast along with dynamic way of messaging. The validity offered is unlimited. The system of sending the Bulk voice SMS easily integrates with the software so there is no headache of arranging any other software, etc. One can also purchase the bulk voice SMS and schedule it for broadcasting in future on fixed date and time. Another feature of voice message is language option, wherein one can select his or her own language for communication. One can add a human touch to plain and simple message to be sent.

Voice SMS plays an important role when one gets bored of readingtext messages. Sometimes it is easier to get the message through voice SMS rather than text SMS.

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