VR Headsets: Which Will Triumph?

VR Headsets

What’s the next hot thing I hear you ask? VR headsets, a world of volume, a world of visual up climb! There are conglomerations of ‘technologies’ on the market for consumers to engulf their pockets into. Here we have the topic, ‘virtual reality headset’s’, which one will triumph? It doesn’t seem long that these cool tech gadgets have been on the market, but they’ve actually been on the market for a few years now. We will delve into quality picks, the ones that satiate all of your technological fantasy dreams, eyes and ears. It’s also worth checking out VR Headsets: The Best Upcoming Offerings, which offers a detailed look at upcoming headsets, especially for gamers.

Google cardboard ($24.95)

Let’s start with large companies, take Google for example, a virtual reality set-up like ‘Google cardboard’, it is affordable and lets the normal person discover worldly sites vicariously through three-dimensional capabilities. All you need is an iPhone and the app. Sometimes we all want to escape from reality one way or another, this is the perfect gadget-short term, that is. Although if you happen to have a disorder like ADD, well then Google better pick-it up and better create more interaction! The Google Cardboard has a rating of 6 out of 10. Sure it fixed boredom momentarily, but overall the score is decent. As you are able to see the boring rocks in space; Google tried. Oh at least, Paris, London, New York, Italy, and Toyko were shown, maybe the rating is a seven, considering its low price and it’s a buy for the general population. But let’s get serious, where is the real fantasy? The suspension of disbelief that beats all competition?

Valve HTC

Next up is the virtual reality set that seems to be a hot one in 2015, we have the Valve by HTC, it claims to have views of a lifetime, three- dimensional realities take you vividly to a location, it’s almost as if you’re physically there. Sights and sounds like you have never experienced, or perhaps you’ve experienced something similar in real-life? Delve into this screen as if it’s the future, it is the future, experience anything! HTC is in for some large plans.  All signs point to extravagant and fancy when HTC Valve is approached. This virtual reality set was designed with innovative beauty in mind. With the Valve HTC, you can interact, move, all while feeling physically immersed and in the game.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer

The Sony personal 3D ($350 U.S.D.) viewer is said to be similar to both brands above. Competition bites tight! The best video, depth of field, sound, and immersive play is the goal. The experience to feel as if you’re in the middle of a real movie theatre, can be invigorating to anyone seeking an escape from reality. Sony personal 3D viewer reviews are not so hot. The device is supposedly too heavy for a human heads after some time.  Being uncomfortable is the culprit. Plus the breach that targeted Sony also doesn’t help, Sony needs to re-think this one. Make it lighter, for one!

The Oculus Rift is the past, but yes it is the foundation of all virtual reality. But a technology that can be activated and motivated by the human eye is much more powerful and satisfying.  The choice is always the trend. Let’s put it this way, there’s always something new, the company Fove, out of San Francisco is changing virtual reality, they are jumping to eye tracking and head tracking, which creates an even more visible and lucid v.r. experience, Fove is the latest v.r. trends, Fove triumphs this round!

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