Why Man Down Alarms Should be Included in Every Prison Security Systems in Quebec

Man Down Alarms

During the last year, many doubts have been expressed over how security is handled in prisons and prison security systems in general. Indeed, 3 inmates escaped from the Orsainville prison in 2014 and in 2015, a former biker gang leader’s son was able to leave prison before the end of his sentence because of a major mistake made by the security staff. These are only a few reasons why some people are concerned with the prison security level in Quebec. However, there are a lot of things that can be done to prevent such unfortunate events from happening. One of them is to make sure that every prison worker in Quebec has a man down alarm on him or her and in this article we will explain why.

Before Going Into Further Details, Let us Explain What are Man Down Alarms

Man down alarms are a special type of alarm that function with wireless ultrasound technology to send a distress signal to a central receiver once the panic button found on each and every one of them has been pushed. This signal is then rerouted to people who are able to help sot hey can reach employees that are facing danger in a minimal amount of time. The whole process is very quick thanks to a less than 5 second delay between the panic button press and the reception of the distress signal by the central receiver.

Man down alarms are also very flexible since they can send their signals to various devices including cell phones, display panels, portable radios, pagers and computers.

Why are Man Down Alarms Important to Prison Security Systems?

Like we mentioned earlier, more and more people are starting to have doubts on prisons and their security systems. Therefore, it is imperative that the government and prison managers take every measure necessary to ensure a high level of safety in these facilities. Indeed, workplace security should be the top management priority of prison managers. Also, prison workers work alone most of their shift and they are constantly facing dangerous situations during their shift.

Given these facts, man down alarms show their importance as they are the best way for lone workers to ask for help when they are facing danger.

This concludes our article on why man down alarms should be included in every prison security system in Quebec. We hope that reading this article has made you learn a thing or two about man down alarms.

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