5 Hosting Services Offered By InMotion, You may don’t know

InMotion is a leading web hosting company in the market today due to its fantastic features that include great hosting services and discounts for customers. Their wide range of web applications that make website designing a breeze also appeals to many people.

Hence, they have hundreds of thousands of loyal subscribers who swear that the experience is smoother than most. This has given many business owners peace of mind as they are assured that their online presence is intact and unwavering.

This web hosting company gives them consistency which especially necessary for online businesses thus propelling them to higher heights.

InMotion has different web hosting services which give their customers options to choose from. They include:-

  1. Private registration of domain

With InMotion, you get the opportunity to register and keep your domain names private meaning it will not end up in any database without your say so.

This ensures that spam and identity theft is minimized drastically as hackers and WHOIS data miners have a hard time getting your personal details without authorization.

Although you will pay extra for this service, you will see the worth due to the protection it accords you.

  1. Joomla Hosting

InMotion is compatible with Joomla thanks to its powerful control panel called cPanel that allows the installation through the 1-click installer called Softaculous that is included in the cPanel. This makes sure that all hosting plans are compatible 100% therefore there are no limitations.

The creation of websites has never been easier as their latest version of cPanel makes for easy installation with content management systems, blogging software and other tools that make the experience faster.

  1. Website builder

If you are looking for a premium ecommerce website builder, InMotion is the web hosting service for you. With its 1-click installer i.e. Softaculous, the script writing is automated which gives you popular applications like OpenCart, osCommerce, ZenCart, Magento etc. at your fingertips.

You also get MySQL, PostgreSQL and PHP coding languages in the latest versions giving users flexibility in choosing any software as they will integrate seamlessly. It also supports building WordPress websites which are preferred by many due to their simplicity and easy to use nature.

  1. Email Hosting

InMotion offers customers POP3 supported email addresses that are protected from Spam emails which is an added advantage to many business owners who don’t have the time to deal with this. This service also comes with McAfee antivirus to protect one’s emails and privacy as it not only blocks spam but also takes care of malware.

Using this hosting service therefore ensures that the only emails that hit your inbox are scanned thoroughly to ensure they do not contain any viruses or worms that can harm you.

Managing emails has never been this easy especially since the antivirus requires no additional effort for updates and maintenance as it does runs in the background.

  1. Uptime speed

InMotion boasts high uptime speed due to the option they give their customers to pick the closest server to them. This guarantees faster loading speeds which are boosted by the company’s BGP4 smart routing network protocol. This optimizes the routing speed which customers choose from which, usually the fastest.

The web hosting company has also developed a technology called Max Zone Speed that makes the speed 6 times faster for customers located near their data centers. The company’s use of SSD drives which ensure access to pages online and databases improves the speed further.

Such measures have made sure that InMotion uptime speed is unquestionably faster when compared to that of its competitors. For this reason, customers who don’t compromise on speed have no complaints about this hosting service.

Final thoughts

InMotion targets small to medium enterprises and people with personal websites and looking at their offerings, it is small wonder that they are succeeding. They create the perfect balance for every stage of business giving their customers little reason to move their bases to other web hosting companies.

They have shared hosting which is perfect for small companies who are looking for a basic way to meet their web hosting needs. In the event they outgrow this, they can join medium to large entities in the dedicated server hosting world seamlessly.

With InMotion holding their hands through the transition, customers remain happy as they get the high speeds they need plus additional perks which has seen the company growth index spike.

By: Webhostingreviewjam.com

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