Free Password Manager with Many Features


Many people are using the password manager application to make sure that every password that they have is safe. Unfortunately, not all of those applications are free to use. You might need to pay for some money if you want to use all of the features of the password manager. If you are using the free version, you will only get the limited features that can be considered as the useless things. Many people will still be able to get into your personal account. If you are looking for the free password manager that will give you many features, then Online Password Manager can be the best one that you can use.

 Online Password Manager

Basically, this application is the paid one. However, you will get the free trial of a year with the full access to all of the features offered by this application. This is something that you will never get from many other applications. You can try many of its features that will convince you to pay for this application for the next years.

For your information, there are some nice features that you might love from the applications. One of them is the access from many platforms and devices. You can access it with your PC while you are at home and you can still access it with your smart phones while you are away. Another one is the double bit security system. With the 128-bit security system plus the additional 256-bit, you can make sure that only the best hacker will be able to log into your personal account. The last one is the virtual keypad for those who might hack you from the key log. You will not need to worry even though you are using the public computer since this will keep your password safe so that you will not need to enter the password from the keyboard.

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