Just Give 5 Minutes to Know about SSL Security On iPage Hosting

The full form of SSL is Secure Socket Layer. It is utilized to protect all the valuable data found in your website. Your website may be prehensile to unsafe components during internet accessing and that time is when electronic certificate of SSL can be the best usable shield. The confidential data relates to individual points of interest, names, personal detail, addresses, association truths, subtle elements, etc. Thus, confidential data like these should not be imparted to the public unless the client gives consent.

iPage Hosting

Usually, live date and time stamp is located on the base area of the website whenever your premium SSL endorsement is shown. By just clicking on the exact link provided for the important language script, you can make an installation of the FrontPage. There are two types of SSL certification to use.

  1. Shared SSL

This type of SSL just integrates the packages of iPage hosting. It means that, you don’t need to pay any extra amount for it. If you want to save cost, go for this SSL package.

  1. Premium SSL

Premium SSL certification is not free. It includes hosting package with iPage. This can be added to your purchase chart on the time of iPage hosting account sign up. It adds a number of extra benefits, like extended warranty, encryption up to 256 bit, compatibility with a mobile device, protection plan, free reissues, “https” secure access, and it is highly trusted.

  • Add-on Service

Along with the premium SSL certificate, the web hosting plan considers an add-on feature on your primary iPage package. This service is for site recovery, automatic backup, directory listing and domain privacy. These services can be added based on your request. It means that, it will add a charge separately with what you were paying initially. The fees however, depend on the services you want to active.

The important issue is how to check if your site is SSL certified or not. Your site is SSL certified, if you notice that the “https” is green colored and with a reflecting green colored padlock icon just on the domain’s name left side.

  • How to Get SSL Certificate

If you feel that you need an SSL certificate, you will have to either purchase or install the third-party certificate. There are many SSL certificate provider companies that give the premium SSL certificate with free installation. Some steps need to be followed to purchase the SSL certificate and it is time consuming to get the free SSL certificate.

  • What is the Purpose SSL?

There are mainly two reasons for what SSL is needed. First and most important issue is if you want to accept any payment via your website and this is if you have an e-commerce site. If you are accepting any payments by cards online, it is required to use SSL because, whenever transferring money using a card, there is need to keep secure confidential information. Such information includes card number, card owner name, expiry date, security code, etc. The second reason is, if you have any confidential information on your website and you don’t want to expose it. SSL certificate is also able to protect your passwords from being hacked when you access a login page.

Moreover, to use SSL, you need SSL certificate installed on server, IP address (dedicated), updated web browser of Google chrome, Firefox, safari, Internet explorer, etc. SSL can ensure that your iPage hosting is secure if properly installed. If you want to use the premium SSL certificate it is recommended that you visit a trusted provider for the best security.

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