Newest review for JustHost from my own experience – 2015

justhost2 As always in this review I will speak from my own experience and there wouldn’t be like price in numbers and similar staff, I will focus more on what customers really need to read and learn for some web hosting company, in this case that is JustHost.

Let me start with full assessment about JustHost and from my experience I will give them 4.5 of 5 stars you can read in the end of this review why not 5 stars.

Everyone is starting with the price first, I also think that price is important but not as much as guarantees, security, limits and reliability so that’s why give price the last position.justhost

JustHost guaranatees

The most important thing before you sign up with web hosting company are guarantees, and JustHost have same guarantees as other web hosting companies and one guarantee which is better than any other web hosting company.

24/7/365 customer support, ready to help you if you have any problem or misunderstanding.

Here when you contact customer support what matter is how they treat you, you want from them to be lovely, native language to be English and to be technicians to help you with your problem?

All that you have with JustHost customer support and they guarantee that.

99.9% up-time on the server with JustHost, you can be sure server will be up and running.

Reliability with JustHost it’s great, they monitoring the network 24/7 and addressing any issue fast and fixing it really fast.

JustHost is affordable web hosting I don’t want to put price here and will tell you that JustHost have great price/performance.

30 days money-back guarantee no question asked, that the little thing I talk about earlier in this review, no question asked JustHost will refund you if you aren’t satisfied, can’t you see how confident JustHost is in their services.

Security with JustHost

Every web hosting even without security plugins are really secure, sure you have more vulnerability without SSL if you trying to transfer files.

For every security plugin you need to pay as with all other web hosting companies and with JustHost also.

Great feature from JustHost is cooperate with SiteLock, SiteLock give you depend of what plan you choose from SiteLock, daily malware scan, official badge, vulnerability scan (regular, daily or ongoing), file monitoring with better plans etc. with one word great protection.

Dedicated IP is also great security feature from JustHost, you can open non-standard ports and what you want with them.

SSL stand for secure sockets layer, web server and browser communication is encrypted, for SSL you need Dedicated IP also.

Limits with Justhost

If we exclude the entry level web hosting which is really cheap we have all unlimited with JustHost starting from data on the disk, unlimited traffic, unlimited email accounts and storage for them, unlimited domain names or websites.

JustHost give you one domain name for one year for free when sign up with them no matter which plant you choose.

JustHost price

For the most used web hosting with JustHost with all unlimited you can have it for $4.95 first month normally $9.99.

Again I don’t want to speak more for price because for me is the less important when you choose to buy web hosting and put your business or idea on the web.

From my experience security is by far more important than price.

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