Proper Content Marketing

Proper Content MarketingToday content has become a major marketing arena. There are a lot of specialist agencies which produce branded content and big media outlets which offer native advertising. Now many people say that content marketing has jumped the shark already, but on the other hand, another half of the people argues that fact because content marketing is no longer considered to be a sustainable model.

Defining the Mission

Contemporary marketers are trained to think about the objectives. They define specific goal in their mind, for example, awareness building, sales driving or loyalty increase. They conceive special strategies to achieve the goals set and then design metrics to measure success. After reaching the set goals they move on to new objectives and new strategies.

Contrary to the marketers described above publishers begin with an editorial mission. If thinking of any publisher you can absolutely clear understand its mission. Moreover, the mission does not change somewhere in the middle or when some objectives are attained, they only get only get deeper and become more salient.

To sum up – the first step to become a successful brand publishing that should be made is to stop thinking about the content itself and start considering the idea of what you can to offer the world.

Hold Attention, but not Grab It

Most old-fashioned marketers still think about the market as about the sales funnel (basing on ICM Consulting reviews). It means that you have to create awareness about your brand and that afterwards this step will create extra interest leading to a sale. But for now this model was broken ad changed.

In contemporary business building awareness is less likely to result in anything especially good sale. Moreover, your competitors might use it to retarget your consumers. In the matter of fact, you provide your industry an ample lead generation, but do not provide yourself with sales.

You have to rethink how to market in the digital era and then make less focus on grabbing attention and more on holding it. It means that in headlines should appear clear benefits but not just catchy slogans.

Creat a True Value Exchange

“Creating a superior experience means to stop thinking about promotion and begin to think about delivering a meaningful and relevant value exchange” – ex-employee of the ICM Consulting and content marketing specialist Andrew Johnson. Remember, that absolutely every brand has something special which it can offer to the world. And your aim is to present what you have to offer to the public in a very compelling way, so that your consumers will not mind against your brand promotion at the same time.

The last thing to add and, probably, the most important one: the value exchange always needs to be meaningful and genuine. So, if you are a consumer electronics company, for instance, a listicle about the Millennials sex lives may earn you thousands of views, likes and shares, but such a step will ultimately be a waste of time! These metrics are absolutely meaningless if they do not serve your mission.

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