The Best and Latest Accessories for PS4 Owners

PS4-AccessoriesWith PlayStation 4 being a force to reckon with in gaming consoles, everyone wants to have one in their homes. When making comparisons between different gaming consoles, it is naturally for people to pay attention to graphics, user interface, and most importantly, accessories. Keeping up with the latest PS4 news reveals new accessories as the console progresses. Although accessories are not really required to catch fun on PS4, they tend to make things far easier and more interesting for you. Below are 5 top accessories definitely needed to move your PS4 experience to the next level.

Sony DualShock Charging Dock

The DualShock 4 charging dock is unarguably the most basic accessory you need. Although you can charge your DualShock 4 pads using a micro USB cable, it’s still not as comfortable as placing the pads on a dock. Two major benefits you’ll derive from using charging docks is the total elimination of cables, and the proper way in which your pads are arranged when they are not in use.

Thrustmaster T300RS Force Feedback Wheel

As a man or woman who owns a car, I bet you find driving interesting, especially in light traffic conditions where you can easily steer left or right, or overtake at will. This same experience is brought to your TV screen with the Thrustmaster T300RS racing wheel. Unlike the last generation force feedback that couldn’t work with the new PS4 console, this one works quite effortlessly with a special PS4 compatibility switch stationed on its base to improve its efficiency level.

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Headset

Although the PS4 console comes with a mono headset, there are several PS4 compatible headsets you can purchase for a much improved experience. The Turtle Beach headset’s major feature, which also happens to be the most important is its audio quality. With improved sound processors and the presence of two speaker drivers, audio signals collected from PS4 consoles are effortlessly converted into sweet savoring melody. Apart from audio quality, Bluetooth connectivity, a hidden mic, and its charging base are features that complements the whole device.

Netgear WN3000RP Wi-Fi extender

If you notice intermittent loss of connection during Netflix stream, or Remote Play doesn’t work, it could be as a result of the distance between your console and Router. In this case, your best option would be to purchase a Wi-Fi range extender to strengthen the network reception at your console’s end. Even though range extenders affects the speed of internet connections slightly, it remains your best option if you don’t fancy moving your router or console’s position.

PS4 Camera

I’ll say that the PS4 camera is not a necessity because its potentials are still yet to be fully harnessed; however, for game enthusiasts, it’s surely an accessory that shouldn’t be left out. Surprisingly, its top use is actually not picture related, but for issuing voice commands to your console through the microphone present on the camera. This means you can turn off your PS4, navigate through its user interface, and switch it on simply by talking.

Apart from its voice input ability, it can also be used to stream your reactions and broadcast it online, probably on YouTube for your fans out there. Several games at this point do not incorporate the camera as a part of itself, although games such as FIFA 15, Alien, NBA 2K15, and a few more uses it. In FIFA 15, it allows you switch your tactics quickly, in Alien, it allows you look around corners, and in NBA 2k15, it scans your face and attaches it on a player. The camera technology obviously, is still new and would surely be improved upon as time goes on.

Samsung M9T Hard Drive (2 TB)

The inbuilt PS4 Hard Drive doesn’t have as much capacity as most people would have preferred, especially those who like retaining a few games they have played in the past. For AAA games that take in-between 30 to 50GB, the inbuilt 500 GB hard drive would only be able to store about 10 of it, but an upgrade to 2TB gives you much more space to use. The fact that you can easily take out the inbuilt hard drive and replace it with your desired hard drive makes the whole process interesting, and the best of all is the fact that it doesn’t void your warranty.


Accessories are definitely not needed to enjoy your PS4 consoles and to some, it is seen as a luxury. I’ll say, different people have their different opinions but imagine purchasing a car and ignoring its basic accessories, the car will definitely move but you can’t completely enjoy it like others who have the complete accessories. PS4 accessories are quite affordable so include them in your next budget and you’ll surely be glad you did.

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