The Health Benefits of a Cell Phone Radiation Blocker

We all like to do what we can in order to stay healthy, but we rarely consider that the most obvious things may be causing us a problem. Take our cell phone for instance. No one ever thinks twice about answering a call and holding the gadget to their ear. Nor do we worry about what it is doing while sitting in our pocket. Yet, cell phones work in the microwave spectrum when transmitting and receiving, and this is something that they continue to do whether we are using them or not.The Health Benefits of a Cell Phone Radiation Blocker

Although there has been a lot of research over the last couple of decades when it comes to the radiation given out by these devices, the conclusion concerning the safety aspects are usually inconclusive. In simple terms, this means that we are not totally sure if they are a health risk or not. Time will only tell as those who started using them young grow up, and those watching the statistics notice any negative health trends. Why take the risk? It is now possible to buy a cell phone radiation blocker to lower the potential risk.

The main benefit of using a cell phone radiation blocker is that the radiation being emitted is prevented from continuously entering the body. When you think that x-rays and gamma rays are both dangerous to humans and are similar in electromagnetic energy to what mobiles emit. Although not that dangerous in low quantities, we know that over the long term they will cause damage to human DNA. We are fully aware that when our DNA has been damaged it can lead to cells multiplying that may result in cancer. So, why take the risk with the electromagnetic energy given out by the phones?

Those people that make use of a cell phone radiation blocker will have much less radiation around the head area when answering a call. The way the shield works protects the head by reducing the ionized particles from escaping from the phone. This makes the phone much safer to use as any drop in the radiation that the body absorbs is a good thing. It is also not just when answering the phone to chat with someone, these emissions continue even when texting and using the internet.

Mobile phones are at their worse when the signal is weak, as they will repeatedly transmit in order to try and find a better tower to connect with. This means that when in areas that have little to no signal, the phone is pumping out a lot more radiation than if it was in a location with a strong signal. Some people wonder about the dangers of Wi-Fi signals, but these use a different part of the spectrum, and have not shown any health problems associated it with them. So, as well as making use of a cell phone radiation blocker, it is worth switching off the mobile signal on the phone when just using the Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

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