Which Social Networks are Best for Fashion Websites?

Which Social Networks are Best for Fashion Websites

The integration of social media into the marketing strategies of many brands in fashion industry took some time, owing perhaps to the personal experience that fashion items and apparel demand from their buyers.

Many fashion brands, designers, icons and even retailers are creating fashion websites and infiltrating different networks to push their products. Nevertheless, the variety of networks and platforms that promise fast lead generation makes it hard to decide which is best to use.

Choosing which network is best for fashion websites is subjective in nature. It depends on a number of things – e.g. the target audience, types of advertisement contents and the form of product presentation. Nonetheless, here is the list of some of the most popular social media networks that you might want to consider in your fashion website.


Aside from fashion icons, models and celebrities, blogs take a lead when it comes to influencing target consumers.

Incorporating your fashion websites with blogs is a way to go. They are obviously best to use for product reviews and feedbacks that are proven to be the number one factor that customers consider before buying any product. However, more than this, blogging has an underlying effect which is the establishment of social-personal relationship with the customers.

In a way, bloggers become liaisons between brands and target clients—a fact which makes the fashion industry evolve in social media to the next level. Oftentimes too, these fashion bloggers promote brands and fashion items for the sake of loyalty and content to their readers. You can probably imagine by now the big difference that fashion brands can save in advertising through these free-ads.

Connecting to fashion bloggers who have authority to their readers and with a quality blog site can work magic on your brand and bring it to spotlight in an instant.


Facebook is considered to be one of the top performers when it comes to information and brand sharing. In a survey conducted by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, lead interaction in Facebook for fashion industry is 36% higher in comparison to all other industries.

Furthermore, the different interactive features of Facebook (Likes, Comment, and Share) do not only make it engaging for readers, but they also help in gaining feedback about the product and brand directly from consumers. As a jumpstart to your Facebook campaign, learning when to post, how often to post, what to post, and how to create engaging content is a way to use Facebook in terms of marketing better. A bigger budget campaign could also utilise the skills of a digital marketing agency to run Facebook ads, with CPA’s as low as 3p a like.

Pinterest and Instagram

The greatest advantage and probably the most unique feature that these two websites have is their photo-based feature. These are ideal for brands that highly prefer visual content to promote their products. If your social media marketing team is creative enough, they can create exciting infographics and promotional games to engage the visitors more.

In conclusion, the effectiveness of any social network to generate customers and leads for any fashion website is not solely based on the inherent features of the platform itself, but with the creativity and innovation capability of marketers to reach and engage their target clients into their products.

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