Core Banking – A Flexcube’s perspective!

VSM Financial ServicesBanks are not just about completing transactions over the counter and storing money in vaults. Nowadays, banks look ahead and aim for growth, innovation, and meeting tighter and tighter regulations of the financial industry. An efficient core banking solution serves as the brain of the bank with the customers serving as its soul to keep it alive.

Core banking systems such as Flexcube Core Banking define what the banking experience of customers will be. This will distinguish one bank from other banks and what will make customers love one financial institution from the others.

Building Customer Intimacy

Flexcube Core Banking solution will allow you to establish customer intimacy by finding out the needs of customers and creating new solutions and products to cater to these specific needs.

A core banking solution such as Flexcube provides behavioral analytics, customized product offerings, user-friendly interface, and guaranteed protection of customer privacy.

Differentiate Your Bank From Other Banks

Flexcube Core Banking is a product of Oracle and is designed to help banks hurdle challenges from different competitions, pressure from increased expectations from customers, and reduced margins. It can help you launch new products quickly and lower certain costs along the way to make you more competitive.

Remember that IT capabilities define your might in the banking industry. Solutions such as Flexcube is a complete arsenal that can help push a bank to the top position.


With threats evolving everyday, regulations also constantly evolve to plug holes in order to protect businesses and individuals. With Flexcube Core Banking system, one is quicker to adapt to compliance changes, detect any fraudulent activities, and do comprehensive audits.

Cost Effectiveness

The Flexcube Core Banking solution has an architecture that is based on cost effectiveness and flexibility. Such characteristic gives a bank a lot of opportunity to innovate, improve efficiency, meet and exceed expectations of customers, and up customer retention.

Finding Oracle Financial Services Software Partners

Finding an Oracle partner to help implement Flexcube Core Banking solution is never a problem. Software companies affiliated with the tech giant provides different services for banking and financial institutions. These services may range from Flexcube testing services, Flexcube enhancement solutions, systems audit, MIS and reporting, and run the bank support.

Flexcube Testing Services will include functional testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing, data migration testing, and interface testing. These things will basically test if your system is in tip top condition and ready for your usual operations.

Run the Bank Support. As the name suggests, this type of service will ensure that the bank’s system is running like a well-oiled machine. A team of Flexcube Core Banking experts will ensure the system’s uptime. Support can range from technical to functional.

Enhancement Solutions. Experts equipped with tools that can make most of the functionality of Flexcube Core Banking solutions, Oracle software partners can help customize services or do minor changes as the bank needs them.

System Audit. Once Flexcube goes live, banks might need help in monitoring the behavior of the system. A team of experts can make sure that it is working according to what the manuals are promising it to function.

VSM Software is a tier 1 Oracle software partner that provides solution based on Flexcube Core Banking system. Browse through our list of products and services and let us know how we can help.

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