List of the Latest Price of Acer Laptop per August 2015

If currently you are looking for a portable desktop for school or business, here we help you first with a list of The latest Price of Acer laptop. Up until now, the prices range pretty wide, starting from $210.00 to $560.00. Fortunately, Acer is leading in innovations, so you can enjoy budget-friendly items with latest features and fashionable designs. The newest product on stock is Acer Aspire E14 E5-421-28SD for $279.30.

If you are striving for Acer under 350.00 USD, these choices are definitely nice: Acer One-10+ for $251.93; Acer Aspire E3-112 for $258.93; Acer Aspire S100X S1001 for $269.43; Acer One 10 S100X for $269.50; Acer Z1401 for $272.93; Acer E5-421-61C $300.93; Acer One 14 Z1401-C9UE $295.75 and $302.05; and Acer Aspire E5-411 for $344.75.

Meanwhile, there are also Acer above $350.00 available, including: Acer E5-471-39Y1 for $381.50; Acer Aspire E5-471-3G5J for $440.93; Acer Aspire E5-471-3G5D and Acer Aspire E5-471-3G5I $444.50.

That’s all what we can exhibit for now. Please keep in mind that the price can change at any time. Don’t forget to check and recheck the specifications of the laptop that you truly need, along with the shop you’ll buy the Acer from to ensure that everything is worth your purchase.

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