Advantages of Web Based Point of Sale Systems for Singapore Small Businesses

Point of Sale systems (POS systems) are critical to the survival of businesses across Singapore. In recent times, special interest has been paid to equipping small businesses across the country with these systems. At the core of this technology is the need to, not just keep track of purchases made, but also ensure that business runs smoothly. One of the ways in which this is made possible is by connecting POS systems to the internet, essentially what is referred to as web based Point Of Sale systems. Below are some of the advantages that this system has, especially when tailor made for small businesses in Singapore. 

Point of Sale systems

Improved flexibility

The first advantage that web based POS system has over conventional systems is that it offers greater flexibility since progress can be tracked down online. This makes it possible to merge diverse facets of the business in order to get a clear picture of the business’s status. The use of online POS systems also means that it is possible to integrate different types of software programs and applications used in the daily running of the business from different locations.

Seamless inventory management

The need for proper inventory management in small businesses cannot possibly be overstated. Manual inventory management, however, is quite tedious and time-consuming, a factor which contributes to apathy in employees. Reliable web based POS systems are designed to include inventory management, thus giving small businesses the power to mine information from transactions over a given period of time. The fact that the system is web based also ensures that owners of small businesses can get this information in real time.

Cost consistency 

Small businesses that have diversified operations across Singapore know too well the embarrassment that results from inconsistent pricing across different store outlets. One of the most reliable ways to eliminate this is to invest in a web based POS system that oversees automated updates of the system’s operations in different locations. Doing so not only creates a great brand, it also offers access to accurate stock-taking and analysis. The POS system also helps prevent fluctuation of stocks by cross-matching the tally with the inventory.

Improved customer satisfaction

A web-based POS system avails all the present information as pertains to individual client purchases. This comes in handy when clients are dissatisfied and may need to exchange goods purchased. By getting information from the past, small business owners are able to ensure faster transactions. This results in content clients (the very backbone of any successful business). The availability of web connection also means that these transactions can be streamlined in different outlets as is the case when purchases are made at one location, and return-exchange facilitated at another. Closely tied to this is the ability to update information that is pertinent to a client’s reward scheme, regardless of the outlet where the purchase was made.

Ability to analyze the impact of different promotions

Promotions are integral to the proper management of any business as they are a time-tested and proven way to attract new clients, and to keep return clients. Depending on the magnitude of the promotions, it may be difficult to dissect the impact that the promotion has had on sales. The web-based POS systems solve this problem by providing data at the click of a button, something that could not possibly be accomplished in the absence of a POS system. Consequently, the system is able to track down progress made by the business while offering insight into what impact the promotions have had. For small businesses, this marks an important part of the growth curve.

Improved security during cash transactions

Point of Sale system

Handling money during cash transactions predisposes small businesses to theft particularly when balancing is at stake. To counter this potentially devastating occurrence, the settings of web-based POS systems helps improve security during cash transactions. Part of the reason for this is that a reliable system posts a fixed period of time during which the cash register is operational. The system is also designed so that it indicates details such as the times of operation, nature of transaction as well as the employee present. Granted, this does not curb theft 100%, but it sure goes a long way in improving security. The fact that the system can also be monitored independent of the location is a great advantage for small business owners. These advantages show clearly the facts that web based Point of Sale systems are a prerequisite to the smooth running of small businesses across Singapore.

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