Increase Your Home Value by Installing Solar Energy Panels

Put yourself in the shoes of a home buyer who is willing to purchase a home to understand the importance of a solar panel. When you are searching for a home and a home seller tells you that you don’t need to pay energy bills for the coming 20 years or so. He also tells you that you can use a certain watts to run your home appliances without any problem with free energy available. In case you have some surplus energy you can make money by selling it to your neighbor. This is a home which will catch the interest of any buyer. This is a facility which most of the people are willing to install in their homes and when they find it pre-installed and in working condition. It is like an opportunity which they don’t like to skip. If you have solar panels installed in your home, this doesn’t mean that it will immediately sell your home, but it is certainly a great selling point which will increase the cost of your home.


Types of Panels

Mono silicon solar panels by have the capacity to work with the highest efficiency for 25 years. You will get a warranty of 25 years, but even then they are well known to provide high efficiency even they have passed their current the period. There is an upsurge in the market of solar panels and people are turning towards saving their energy bills by installing solar panels. will provide you a system which you will choose now, but even after 5, 10 or 15 years, it will increase the cost of your home. There was a study conducted by the McGraw-Hill about the growing trend among the buyers who are purchasing the homes. More and more buyers are opting for green homes. They know that they have to pay more, but even then they are considering an energy efficient home. When you will purchase a home which has preinstalled solar panels, you have to pay around $ 18,000 more for it. Solar panel will increase the value of your home up to 20%.

Fixed Energy Rates

In case you are installing only solar panels, you are supposed to pay fix rates for the next 25 years. And in another thing is that you will save yourself from the rising energy rates, taxes and other hidden charges which electric companies are charging from their customers, read solar San Diego reviews before you make a purchase deal. As a matter of fact the energy rates will keep on rising because of the ever increasing price of coal. The above are the benefits which a consumer will get after investing in solar energy panels, need not to mention that financial incentives are long term also. In the present scenario federal rebates are also available which is up to 30% of the total cost of your panel. There are other utility state rebates also which will reduce the cost. When you are going to buy a solar panel system make sure to read solar San Diego reviews.

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