“Moon Light” Portable Reading Lamp Vs Conventional Reading Lamp


Adding lighting into your home is not merely about the light that is produced from your lighting fixture, but you better think about how your eyes react to it. Nevertheless, about home lighting, usually homeowner looks for these three factors task lighting, general lighting, and decorative lighting. It doesn’t necessary to explain those three, but it is important for you to know that, if you look for a portable led reading lamp as task lighting, a “moon light” portable reading lamp is worth considering rather than the conventional one.

The reason is simple, it has the latest lighting technology that bring you light to do your favorite activity like reading or writing and protect your eyes as it has low-rate radiation level that is proven affects your eyes healthiness. Sure, something like this, you can’t get it from that conventional task lighting you ever used. In addition, since this led reading lamp is portable, you can treat its as bedside reading lamps. If you are a typical person who loves to read something as habit to bring you good sleep, the free switch features will be helpful a lot. The variant lights are warm white light, yellow light, and white color light.

Switch into warm white light if you use this reading as book reading light. Meanwhile, if you place this reading lamp atop your work desk for reading and writing particular things, adjust the light into white color light. Lastly, if you use it while you use your gadget like laptop, PC, smart phone or some in a dark environment, customize the light to yellow light. So, versatile, isn’t it? The truth, there so many things you will get from this portable reading lamp like free bend, blue light protection, splashing screen free and so on unlike that conventional reading lamp.

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