AWeber vs GetResponse

AWeber vs GetResponse

About two decades ago, when internet started to become a trend, people were quite proud to have an email address printed on their business card. Now, as websites, blogs and social media become widespread and important parts of modern lifestyle, you will be called an outdated person if you still sing your own praise with only your email address. However, has an email address really become outdated now? In the online marketing world, email marketing involving the management of subscribers’ emails is still regarded as the most magical marketing strategy that is guaranteed to offer wonderful result.

To ensure that those email addresses will be meaningful for your business, you need to rely on a mailing list hosting service. By hosting your mailing list, you can automate your communication with subscribers. Your website will automatically say hello to new subscribers who submit their email address and send periodical emails promoting your business. Your recipients will least likely be bothered by your emails because it is they who willingly submit their own emails to receive news from you and if they don’t want to receive your emails anymore, they can simply unsubscribe.

AWeber and GetResponse are known to be among the most reputable mailing list hosts that have been providing quality hosting service to their clients for years. Basically, they provide the following general services:

  1. Hosting their clients’ mailing lists.
  2. Providing user-friendly newsletter design customization interface
  3. Automating email delivery to subscribers
  4. Gathering statistical subscription email data

In general, the features of their service are fairly the same; however, each host tries to offer unique features that are attractive to clients. You can look into the following factors to determine whether you should go with AWeber or GetResponse.

Pricing Policy

Service 500 1,000 2,000 5,000 10,000 20,000
GetResponse $15 $15 $25 $45 $65 $145
AWeber $19 $29 $29 $49 $69 $149

In short, we can say that GetResponse is in the winning position when it comes to price comparison. The cheapest plan that it offers is the plan for up to 1,000 subscribers, which costs you $15 per month. Other plans offered by GetResponse include the ones for 1,001 to 2,500 subscribers costing $25, 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers costing $45, 5,001 to 10,000 subscribers costing $65, 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers costing $145, 25,001 to 50,000 subscribers costing $250, and 50,001 to 100,000 subscribers costing $450. AWeber’s plans are slightly more expensive than those of GetResponse. Even its starter plan, which costs $19/month for 500 subscribers, is not considered cost-effective. AWeber also offers plans for 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, and 25,000 subscribers with price that is $4 more expensive than its GetResponse counterparts respectively.

Verdict: AWeber offers quite the same plans with those of GetResponse, but with slightly more expensive price. Although the difference is small, we can say that GetResponse is the winner here.

User Interface

Both hosts offer similarly user-friendly feature; however, difference is found especially in their setup interface. Setting up an email marketing campaign in AWeber is considered simpler and more systematic than that in GetResponse. AWeber provides its clients with wizard-like step-by-step setup that is obviously great for both email marketing beginners and advanced users. GetResponse setup interface is not as wizard-like as that of AWeber. In fact, there are many options that users have to deal with when they see the first setup page. The rather complex setup process of GetResponse, though detested by beginners, might be great for advanced users because they can enjoy total independence in how to customize their campaign since the very first of the setup process.

User Interface GetResponse :

User Interface GetResponse

User Interface AWeber :

User Interface AWeber

Verdict: AWeber’s interface, especially its setup page, is considered friendly for both beginners and experienced users. GetResponse, on the other hand, may require beginners to learn its interface before they can start using it.

Email Design Customization

Both GetResponse and AWeber are currently providing hundreds of premade email templates that are ready to use. They also provide nifty drag-and-drop email customization tool that you can use to create your own design. There are not many differences in the way both hosts organize its email customization tool, but there is indeed a difference in the way each host designs its premade templates. GetResponse’s templates are mostly generic and despite their large number, they generally look ordinary and indistinct. AWeber’s templates, on the other hand, look more dynamic and you can always find templates that match your taste. If you are a WordPress user, for example, you will be glad to use AWeber’s templates because some of them really look like WordPress templates.

This, however, doesn’t mean that AWeber’s templates are significantly better than GetResponse’s ones. Email design is in the end a matter of personal taste. You are the only one who can decide which host offers better templates.

Verdict: The email design customization tool of both hosts is fairly similar. They also offer a large selection of premade templates. Although AWeber’s templates might be attractive for WordPress users, aesthetics is always a personal taste that no one besides the users can determine.

Landing Page Creation

Among features that place GetResponse above AWeber as well as many other mailing list hosts is its landing page creation feature. This page is a special page that is designed and optimized to capture email addresses. With GetResponse, you can create your own landing page using drag-and-drop function. The basic version of this feature that is included in your plan is the one with only one page and allowing only 1000 visits. If you want unlimited number of landing pages with unlimited number of views, you have to pay $15 per month. AWeber doesn’t offer this feature, perhaps because it knows you can use a third-party landing page creator for this purpose. The price of third-party landing page creator, however, is always more expensive than $15. Therefore, if you think that landing page is important, you may want to go with GetResponse.

Verdict: Landing page creator is an exclusive feature that you can get with GetResponse. You have to rely on a third-party creator if you use Aweber.


Surprisingly, both GetResponse and AWeber use the same approach to collect email marketing statistical data: they group subscribers based on all activities that they do to all emails that they receive. By reading their report, you can easily find out who open your emails, where their location is, what their IP address is, and what they do after opening your emails. This grouping mechanism allows you to plan follow-up actions that you will do to each group. GetResponse and AWeber also allow you to import statistical data from other sources, including other mailing list hosts that you ever use and address books

Verdict: both hosts use almost the same method to gather your email marketing statistical data.


After looking into some aspects of each host’s service, it is almost certain that GetResponse in many parts offers more attractive service than the one offered by AWeber. GetResponse’s pricing policy and exclusive features are obvious signs that AWeber may need to make changes in order to get a better position in the competition. AWeber has indeed make many improvements in its service, including user-friendlier interface and more attractive templates; however, it may still have to catch up GetResponse as the latter’s efforts to enhance its service and features is rigorous and cannot be underestimated.

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