Enjoy The Brilliance Of Lenovo G50-80 80L000G1RI

LENOVO G50-80 80L000G1RI

At present Lenovo introduces advanced technology Notebooks to attract the people. The advanced notebooks or laptop are also come with great facility at the same time these are small, as well as compact to use. For this reason people like to purchase these portable computers for their regular use. The weight of the laptops also less so you can easily carry these notebooks anywhere. To access the notebooks you no need to have any external battery because all the operation will take power from the single battery.  Especially Lenovo launches 80L000G1RI notebook which have more facilities when compared to the previous model   at the same time it have great power back up options so you can easily access this laptop for long period of time. Generally notebook computers are beneficial when compared to the personal computers, 80L000G1RI  have many unique options and it  offer more  advantages so it completely differs from other laptops, the advanced technology brings  great options , of course  you have chances to use the external keyboard as well as mouse during the process  it offer more comfort to the user. Lenovo G50-80 80L000G1RI come with 15.6 inch Full HD screen so it provides great effects. This notebook have CPU Core i3-4005U 1.7GHz so it is much faster than others.By purchasing this notebook you can enjoy great video memory options like this system comes with  ATI R5 M330 1GB. Even it have 4GB RAM so you can run more programs faster, other features are included that DVD, 1TB HDD, Wi-Fi ac, HDMI as well as Gigabit lan.

Smart features of Lenovo G50-80 80L000G1RI:

The manufacturer used DDR3 1600MHz memory technology which is highly beneficial. The LED display also enhances the comfort level of the user; because it provides more clear effects, at the same time the display have resolution of 1920 x 1080. Even the Bluetooth facility is also available so you can the files easily. The audio output mode is also great which is ranging from stereo 2.0.  The Lenovo G50-80 80L000G1RI is highly powerful than other types of the notebooks so you should get this to enjoy advanced features .This notebook have HD camera, so you can enjoy other facilities at the same time the lithium ion battery provides more power to the system and it restores power for long period so user comfortably use this notebook for more hours. The 80L000G1RI is also available at the affordable rates and this notebook now come in silver color which attracts the user, apart from that the elegant designs also exceeded your expectation levels. The 80L000G1RI notebook is designed to offer huge benefits to the user rather than it is the most effective system to enjoy lot of advanced effects.  If you get this system you can amazed with it high quality performance, it is ideal system for the efficient use moreover it only utilize less power for the operation. Hence consider this advanced notebooks to get more features,  the online stores also offer this notebook at the reasonable price tags so you can easily purchase this notebooks without any difficulties.
Lenovo G50-80 is distributed by KOMAKS

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