It’s Time to Protect Your Phone from Gossipy Eyes

So, you have bought a brand new smartphone and you feel really happy about it. You have gone through the features and various functions and found it pretty decent. The phone has so many preinstalled applications and you found them very useful. Amongst all this happiness, don’t you think it would be safer to protect your phone so that no one can unlock it easily or no thief can set their eyes on your phone? In today’s world, a smartphone is practically the life of a person. With more and more features, these phones can do anything and everything that you want them to do. Starting from simple communication to setting up important business meetings, you are just one touch away from confirming the schedules. You have so many different applications to store important information. These highly confidential stuff deserves a proper protection and that is possible if you install a separate lock for all the applications and the phone in general.

It’s Time to Protect Your Phone from Gossipy Eyes

App locks

As said earlier, smartphones are loaded with various applications that help you in many ways. Be it ticket booking or saving important documents, these apps will come to your rescue every time. If you are wondering which lock would be the best for your phone, then the immediate answer would be Leomaster. Once you install this lock, you can be rest assured that even the most clever thief would not be able to unlock the phone or rather unlock any app and find out what information you have stored in it. Most of the application locks that you see have different modes that help cope with various tricky situations. Additionally, they also have interesting covers that would actually trick intruders. You can even use masks on your installed apps and guard your phone in the best possible way.

Privacy protection

This is one of the most important features that come with the lock protection function. Would you like someone else to see your text messages or the messages from Whatsapp? Of course, you wouldn’t and no one will. They are something very personal and any outsider should not get a chance to see those messages. With privacy protection it is now possible to lock all those applications from where you can get text messages. Previously, people could only lock their text messages and several other text applications could not be locked. Nowadays, the privacy locks allow users to lock each and every app from where they can receive text messages.

Application management

Apart from protecting text messages and applications, it is also important to manage all the applications that are installed in your phone. Leo Privacy Guard will offer that feature in your phone. Suppose you have 20 applications installed in your phone. Out of this, there are 4 applications that are related to text messages, 5 are games and so on. Ideally, you should be able to manage all these related apps together. This saves a lot of space in your phone and you don’t have to search the entire phone to find a particular application.

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