List of Recent Lyft Promotions that Worth a Note for 2015

The man is driving with hands on the steering wheel.

The man is driving with hands on the steering wheel.

Lyft, let say, this is one from some ride-sharing service providers that is already known for its good reputation, and to keep it stays just like it is, for 2015, there is plenty of Lyft promotions available that both passengers and driver, the newest or the existing one, should take advantage of if. Turn to this point, those current Lyft promotions are, sign-on bonus for new Lyft driver, weekly guarantees for new Lyft driver, average hourly guarantees, new driver referrals, and the last one is passenger referrals. Meanwhile, for passengers, the current promotion lists from Lyft to experience are; get free ride for $20, get ride credit, and cash reward (double sided).

Anyway, you may expect to know in detail about those recent Lyft promotions, but beforehand, it is worth to know other promotion feature like promo codes from Lyft. Similar with other promotion lists, both driver and passengers can gain its benefits. Say that, you are a passengers and it is the  very first time for you to ride with Lyft, you will gain a free ride ($20) by using a promo code, whilst, when it comes to its driver, you can access cash bonus however this is only for the newest driver. In addition, the cash bonus is worth $1,000 sometimes even more.

Now, it is the time for the main dish. Sign-on bonus is a bonus which can be accessed by newly Lyft driver after they complete their first preset trips. Next, it is weekly guarantees. In fact, this one is not for every city. Nevertheless, a weekly guarantee is meant for those new drivers who can’t obtain their own guarantee. In the way to keep them stay on road, Lyft will help them to solve that matter. Then, you’ll meet passenger referral that is designed for new driver to get more customers.

When passenger referral is made to help new driver to gain customers, new driver referrals work for both newer and older drivers. The idea is, anytime the existing driver refers new driver, they will rewarded with bonus, though, the bonus will be given until that new driver you refer already complete all bonus requirements. Lastly, it is average hourly guarantee. This is a feature where driver is allowed to get per hour earning. Move to Lyft promotion for passengers, you may find free ride for $20. However, this free ride promo can be claimed only after you as passengers signing yourself up to Lyft.

Get free credit is another promotion feature that is set to provoke the existing passengers of Lyft to persuade and invite their friend for trying Lyft app. The last one is cash reward for passengers when they refer new driver. You can go to Lyft official website just in case you want to know more about this recent promotion feature by Lyft. To remind you, cash reward that you get by referring new drivers is a double-sided reward. It is hard to find such a ride-sharing service provider that concerns too much to give the best service for both its passengers and drivers to enhance their experience, but Lyft manages to provide both.

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