Systematic Cloud Management with Immortal Files

Immortal Files for protecting filesThere are many ways to manage files owned. Typically people will choose hard disk, flash drive, and disc for storing files. However, they are all old-fashioned. The files are actually at risk of being damaged or deleted due to hard disk faulty. No one really wants that to happen, and it actually can be avoided from the very first time by storing files in the cloud. Cloud server is great alternative for storing files as it allows people to store files in internet. Indeed, the cloud server typically has similar storage system using physical hard drive. However, the maintenance level is completely different, and the storing is performed more professionally. Therefore, the risk of damaging files is reduced significantly.

As this is a brand new method for managing files, people may have difficulties dealing with the mechanism. However, in fact, this kind of method is not too different from standard file management. There is a possibility to cut, copy, paste, delete, add, and share the files. It is quite easy for sharing the files without spending great efforts in doing that as long as knowing the basic of managing files in file explorer. To make everything simper, there is also an application known as Immortal Files, the systematic cloud management. This application allows users to have full controls over files uploaded to the cloud. Many cloud services are possible to be synchronized, and it is definitely awesome. Before going further to the feature, it is better to know slight information related to the way it works.

First of all, this application allows users to upload files based on schedule. This is really excellent service as it allows users to save resources based on their needs. Take one example when the users are only able to upload files at home. The users do not have to synchronize the data when they are quite far away from home especially when they have to go in place with poor signal coverage. This will save their battery life and also time for synchronizing files as the synchronization process is only performed at specific time – when at home.

In addition scheduled synchronization, it is also possible to select particular folder or files for synchronization. That means, there is no need to waste too much time just for uploading unnecessary files because the files can be selected beforehand. Those are several basic information about how this application works. To make things clearer, it is important to know that there are several additional features that are quite interesting. Those features are developed security system in which the application allows file encryption. Moreover, with additional 10 TB of data is a great opportunity for storing various files without worrying that they will be damaged or gone.

Backing up files to the cloud is definitely current trend for managing files. Even though it requires internet connection to work, but it should not be a big deal as internet is not exclusive thing anymore. By saving all data within cloud server, there is no need to worry if the physical hard drive storing important stuffs is no longer functional due to many reasons.

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