Ways you can get your identity cloned


Research shows that almost 1 million people are victims to identity theft annually. This is rather a large and alarming rate. Thanks to technology and more so the internet, the perpetrators of these acts have an array of avenues for getting information from you. These are professional thieves who will not commit burglary but steal from you without you ever noticing. They are lazy people who only depend on the easiest ways to get money. It is note mentioning that professional cyber thieves are experts in their field and have in-depth knowledge of coding and manipulating security algorithms to get access to your account. But that is of course the hardest part for them. The simpler way is to identity theft where they get all your personal information and access your account without you knowing. So, what ways can you get your identity cloned?

Credit/debit card cloning

The most famous and undoubtedly the most common financials cloning is through financial cards cloning. What other simpler way f making money than stealing from someone without them ever knowing? Well, cyber thieves are mastered the art of cloning credit and debit cards from people without them ever knowing. In the recent past, credit cards were fitted with RFID chips for easy reading. However, cyber thieves have capitalized on this ingenious method and steal credit card information by use of powerful programmed devices. The good news is that RFID blocking wallets protect thieves from accessing your information.

Sending viruses

Viruses are malware that are used by hackers to collect information from a victim without them ever knowing. They come in many ways but one of the most used methods is by use of emails. They will send emails containing viruses to your inbox and when you open them, your computer becomes infected. That way, they will be able to get all your information including your passwords.

Trial and error

Basically, the trial and error method is not entirely an error based method but a success based method. Many people have been known to use weak passwords to protect their account. Weak passwords are those that include your common information that can be acquired easily like names, birth date and even name of your pet. With minimal effort, a cybercriminal can easily get access to your accounts by trying out your basic information in different orders. Most if not all for them go through. It is therefore of great importance to use strong passwords and change them regularly.

Free offers

Cyber thieves are wise enough to know that many people like free things like gifts and money (just like them). Therefore, they set up well created messages then send to their targets explaining to them that they have won prizes or even luxury vacation trips. They will often tell the victim that it is urgent that they contact them by filling a given form with their relevant personal information before the offer is given to someone else. This gives no room for the victim to think things ver. You should be careful not to fall for this kind of traps. They however come in many forms and people should be wary of them.

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