5 Smart Ways of Recycling Your Old Cell Phone

 5 Smart Ways of Recycling Your Old Cell Phone 

In the modern day where technology is outgrowing itself with every single day, it has become important to assure the best use of old electronic items before we discard them. Not every time one can dump their cell phone and move on to buy a new one but even if one decides to dump it, it is necessary to ensure that the cell phone has been dumped properly. With the green effect that is trending in, one must always try to recycle their smartphones to the best of their capacities. Recycling these gadgets is of prime importance and hence here are five ways that will help you be more sensitive from the next time before you think to just discarding an old phone and move to a new one.

Recycling Your Old Cell Phone

  1. Donate it

If you do not know what to do with your old phone and also want to work for the society, you can donate your phones to the troops or the organisations that support the welfare of society. Your phone might have been too out dated for you but for people who only want their basic requirement of calling to be fulfilled, the smartphone will be a miracle. You can also donate it to agencies that further trade phones for monetary services for the needy and the underprivileged.

  1. Sell it to an Online Buyer

If you want to trade your phone for cash, you can sell your phone online at Klymen. Selling your phone at such websites helps you get the best price for your phone along with a convenient buy-back program. The phones sold to such websites are then used properly and you can be rest assured that your old smartphone would be put to maximum and best possible use.

  1. Use it as a webcam

If you are thinking to buy a new webcam but have an old smartphone at home, you don’t need to shed your money on the expensive gadgets. Rather you can turn your old smartphone into a webcam. There are some inexpensive apps available for almost all operating systems like windows, android, iOS and blackberry. These softwares basically turn your phone into a webcam. With paying almost pennies to buy an app your old smartphone could easily turn into a webcam. All you need to do is to find out the app that is compatible with your smartphone and then you are ready to go.

  1. Convert it to a Mobile Mouse

Have you ever heard about the concept of Mobile Mouse? Yes, you can convert your old smartphone into a trackpad, keyboard, mobile mouse and even a wireless remote. With apps like Mobile Mouse, Android Mouse and Keyboard and Remote Mouse you can use your cell phone in various ways. There are also some paid apps that are available for on the app store and they convert your mouse into a trackpad and keyboard. These apps are a blessing as they will be a saviour when you are working on the go and also a smart way to use the old smartphone while giving presentations.

  1. Use it as a learning device

Since all the data is available over the internet and there are different interactive learning apps for your children, you can turn your old smartphone into a learning device. This will help you and your children to not to wait until a smartphone is not occupied and hence they can commence with the learning. And not only for children, there are apps like learning a new language that is highly interactive and you can enhance your knowledge and proficiency in a foreign language.

While we have always been thinking to trade our smartphones for cash, there are other means to recycle your phone and put it to best use without being guilty. There are other means too that will make your smartphone recycled properly and will reap you the most for the money you invested in it.

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