Ensure Privacy Security With Leo Privacy Guard

Are you always apprehensive about your privacy when it comes to the data in your phone? Forget all your worries now as leomasterhas come up with very innovative and useful app which helps you to keep your phone and its data safe from and stranger. Leo privacy guard ensure complete privacy protection as it provides with lock for private calls and SMS, lock for gallery and apps and also safety box/vault where you can hide your private photos or videos. It is a solution to all your privacy issues and help you to be stress free about your secrets.


Features Of Leo Privacy Guard:

  • App Lock: One of the amazing features of this app is that it helps you to lock all your Apps. You can lock your Facebook, WhatsApp and other App which carry some private data. It gives you the option of pin code or pattern lock so that no one apart from you can have access to that App. It comes with the choice of beautiful applock themes. You can customize your App lock as per your needs and ensure complete privacy security.
  • Privacy Security scan: This app provides you with service of privacy security scan which helps you to scan your mobile’s privacy status and find any loopholes endangering the privacy of your phone. It also helps you to scan and find your newly add photos and videos.
  • Safe Box: If you have to delete your private photos and videos because you are always worried that some unwanted intruder can see it then you should consider using this app as it provides you with private vault where you can hide all your private photos and videos. You can also hide some of your private contact, call log, SMS which you do not want to expose to anyone.
  • WiFi Security Scan: By using LEO Privacy Guard you to scan all the current WiFi network connections and detect network security. It also warns the user of the malicious WiFi hotspots hence helps to secure your privacy and keep your property safe.
  • Anti-theft: You can easily locate your phone on map if it is lost by giving an alarm which helps you to find it. You can lock all your apps by using advanced applock option which helps you to protect your privacy in case you lost your phone. By single message you can wipe the private data on your phone.
  • Break-in Alert: It helps you to catch hold of the intruder by taking his or her photo whenever he or she enters a wrong password. You can customize this option as per your requirement and it also provides you with private album to keep a record of all the intruders.
  • Boost Speed: One of the biggest problems that we face with phone is slow speed. This app helps to boost the speed of your phone. It also clears out all the junk and cache and hence improves the efficiency of your phone.
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