SIM only deals and unlimited data plans

SIM only deals and unlimited data plans

SIM – only deals and unlimited data plans are both tempting options. Here is a round – up of the biggest UK mobile providers with the best SIM – only tariffs and boating of unlimited data (or if not that, then as close as possible). The ones included here are TalkTalk Mobile, Giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, EE, Three, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, BT and O2.

SIM – only deals do exactly what the name says. It is a contract that gives you solely an SIM – card. You won’t get a mobile handset with subsidised rate along with it. But it is definitely valued for money, as you generally get more messages and minutes for the money that you are paying.

All – in SIM deal by TalkTalk Mobile @ £12 per month

The All – in SIM deal is a brand new deal from TalkTalk Mobile, which gives unlimited minutes as well as texts and also, unlimited data for £12 a month. This is a 30 – day contract. Without limits, it is the cheapest 30-day SIM – only deal. But, the condition to avail this deal is being a TalkTalk Broadband customer. This deal does not include tethering, though. Also, 4G is not mentioned at all in the deal.

Three @ £17 per month

Three offers the SIM only deals as all – you – can – eat. For a payment of £17 per month, the customer gets 200 minutes per month with complete 4G streaming included. This is for a contract of 12 months. If you want the contract to be for 30 – days, you have to increase to £20 per month deal. Also, the deal for unlimited minutes comes at £27 per month. But, at the same time, you will be better with using WiFi for calling.

Giffgaff @ £20 per month

A 3G goody bag is offered by Giffgaff. This provider works on the O2 network and provides the users with unlimited 3G internet and 2,000 minutes, as well as unlimited calls to the same provider, and also, unlimited texts. All of it costs only £20 per month. Unfortunately, there isn’t a similar offer with unlimited 4G. But, the closest to a large amount of 4G data is 5GB @ £18 per month.

EE @ £20 per month

EE SIM only deals do not have unlimited data but a 30-day contract is available with 15GB data at £20 per month. If you want to boost it up, you can, to 25GB @ £30 per month. Also, because it is EE you get to enjoy 4G.

O2 @ £29 per month

O2 also does not have any unlimited deals with data. The closest deal you can grab is the SIM only deal for 12 months. It offered 10GB data and added unlimited texts and minutes for £29 per month. Also, you get complete advantage of 4G.

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