Why You Desperately Need to Play Hank’s Space Story by Tech Death Pty Ltd

Why You Desperately Need to Play Hank’s Space Story by Tech Death Pty LtdAre a fan of a puzzle game? Do you like to play swap? If all of the answers that you have is a yes, then you need to try Hank’s Space Story by Tech Death Pty Ltd. This is a brand new swap game by Tech Death Pty Ltd that is updated on last November 5th 2015. So what’s new from this swap game? Indeed, there are some improvements which make you admit that this is one from few the best game applications to play swap you ever found.


For those who are familiar with the game, you don’t need to read this, since you already knew what this game is all about, but for those who just heard the name and have no idea about what Hank’s Space Story is, then you’ll better scroll down to figure out. Playing this swap game, you become the main character of the game namely Hank who is known as an intergalactic scavenger. Your job is to wander the universe and solve the puzzle. While doing it you will fly over to multifarious galaxies. The truth, your job is not only to solve the puzzle. You’ll deal with many dangerous enemies. And yes, to stay solving puzzle you need, Hank needs to survive.


Actually, that’s it your job, to make sure that Hank survives till he’s done with his job. Enough with the story line, now let take a sneak peek to the game. In the way to enhance your time while playing this game, the developer designs it with a new and unique OctaGrid, so then you can do an eight-directional swapping when you move to the next level. There are also about 200 levels to be played (that you’ve find directly from version 1.0).


There is also 5 insane power ups feature that can be used to conquer the universe. Another delightful feature you can access from this game is a 20 plus game mode that your playing time more fun. And yes, there are many others features that assist you to survive and win the game. Then, what’s new from the updated version? If you experience such an inconvenience thing like button pause that is not working or some other unpleasant experience based on technical failure, now all of them are fixed.

To smoothly play Hank’s Space Story, then your device should be compatible with the game. So to speak, in the way to play this game without hassle, you need to download this game which size is 91.7MB to your iPad, iPhone, iPad touch, or iOS 7.1 and above. This game is a typical free game which you can directly download from Google Play or Apple AppStore. So, what do you say? If you really love this typical game, you better not skip this one for any good things which are offered to you. Thus, you better grab the game now and experience it yourself.

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