How Does Your Domain Name Affect Your SEO?

Most of the talk around SEO optimization has to do with content creation and copy writing. However, it’s a little-known fact that the domain name you choose can affect your click-through rate (CTR), which will in turn affect your search engine ranking. Choosing a sub-par domain name affects your search standing in two ways: it influences your click prices by lowering your quality scores and it limits your potential for expansion.

How Do I Choose an Effective Domain Name?

The first thing you should do is to consider your domain name as an investment. A lot of people just want to register any name that loosely relates to their business, as long as it costs under $10. That’s fine if you don’t plan to monetize your website, but if you’re looking to create a thriving eCommerce presence, the name on the URL is more important than you think, and since it’s a one-time expenditure, don’t be cheap. Choosing the wrong domain name can actually cause you to lose money and traffic.

1. Select a name that’s easy to remember, and register several variations of it. This will also help you test which domain name gets the best response and click-thru rates.

2. Get creative. There are more than 100 million websites registered with the .com TLD, so unless you registered your domain name years ago, chances are that any good ones are already in use. In order to combat that problem, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has approved a host of new TLD extensions that are more descriptive and flexible. Soon you’ll be able to register under suffixes like .wiki, .app and .design.

3. Take geography into account as well. Studies show that customers respond better to URLs that have a specific location as part of their name. This can include references to the city you live in or the street where your business is located. Just be careful not to create a name that can be confused with another business in that location. If you’re planning on expanding your business overseas, you should also register a domain with a suffix with that country, like .CA or .EU.

4. Make it adaptable. Choose a name that’s not only good for your search rankings and click-thru rates, but also translates well to off-line marketing. The whole point of SEO and marketing is to craft a well-rounded, flexible approach to advertising that will create a unified brand.

Many unsuccessful experiences with web marketing and SEO are due to inexperience. The best way to combat that lack of experience is to take your business to a local SEO services provider. A local company will give you the benefit of having face to face consultations with a professional who you will have an ongoing partnership with. Good SEO professionals keep up to date on the latest marketing trends, and they’ve already gone through the whole trial and error process. Make sure to interview several service providers to ensure that you choose one that shares your vision.

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