How To Fix DNS Problems On Your Computer

Fix DNS Problems

Domain name system (DNS) is very important on the internet as it will match domain names that are requested by users to the right IP addresses. DNS could be your friend, but it also could be your enemy. DNS errors might stop you from being able to use the internet. When a DNS problem appears, you couldn’t use the internet anymore until the problem is fixed.

If you are having issues with your internet connection and don’t know if it’s a DNS error or not. We would suggest you use ping command to check if the website still alive or not. If you ping a specific website and it’s still alive as the result is returned to you with IP and information, but you still can’t connect to that website on your browser, then it’s probably a DNS error.

Simple Ways To Fix DNS Problems On Your Computer

As we mentioned above, when a DNS error occurs, it might stop from being able to visit websites. If you want to visit websites and use the internet as normal like before, you must fix the DNS problem.

Check The Hosts File

If your hosts file contains any incorrect information, you will not be able to connect to the internet. In a few cases, other programs could edit your hosts file without telling you. So, we would suggest you check your hosts file again and make sure there is nothing incorrect.

Check Your DNS Settings

If you are having problems with the internet connection, make sure the DNS settings are correct. For example, if you just switched to use any service like Google’s DNS or OpenDNS, make sure you enter the information correctly. A wrong configuration of the DNS settings could be a root cause of many DNS errors, including “DNS server is not responding” and “Dpc_watchdog_violation” errors.

Check If Your ISP Is Having DNS Issues

In most cases, your ISP can be the source of most DNS issues. The most popular reason is DNS servers are down and it’s unable to accept your connection. You should ping both DNS server’s addresses and remove any that didn’t respond to your ping.

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