XNSPY: The undetectable iPhone spy—does it all but silently and discreetly


The undetectable iPhone spy apps is the latest generation smartphone monitoring apps that leave no digital footprints of spying activity on the monitored devices. They are different in various ways—when installed onto a smartphone:

  • They don’t show up in the background running apps
  • They are not visible in the installed apps list
  • They leave no shortcut on the smartphone
  • They don’t interfere with the normal functionality of a smartphone
  • They don’t use up much storage or power from the monitored device

The aforementioned characteristics are that of a highly advanced smartphone monitoring app, and that’s why it’s necessary you get you’re hands only onto something that’s discrete in its true form. Many apps would advertise themselves as “safe and undetectable”, but they really aren’t. But Xnspy is a you can rely on! There are so many reasons to get this app for your smartphone monitoring experience.


How XNSPY is different?

Xnspy was designed with the purpose of providing better digital security to offices and homes. With its marginal pricing and too many useful features, it’s the best the app that doesn’t work on the principle of price skimming. Felicia Shaw, editor-in-chief for XNSPY’s exclusive blog explains that “XNSPY was built on the foundation of providing better digital security on portable devices. It’s simple, minimalist and extremely affordable so that everyone can get it”.

Well, we do believe that the company is going on the right path for now, as the app can be purchased for just $8.33/month. Compared to other spy apps, it’s very much like paying absolutely nothing. For example, a renowned smartphone monitoring app Flexispy starts at $49/month.

But smartphone monitoring apps are not just about pricing or its discrete functionality. It’s about everything else that you can spy on using the app—the basic reason why someone would get an app. For example, pricing might be a big deal for a startup, but a corporation would want something that serves their monitoring surveillance needs effectively, irrespective of the pricing. This is where the overall features and pricing correlation matters. So what exactly does Xnspy provides for its users?

Phone logs and GPS tracking

The app provides a complete phone logs tracking… With this app, XNSPY users can track on calls, SMS, contacts and calendar entries. The GPS tracking services are one of the most advanced with accurate coordinate’s determination. It can be used to spy on your target user in real-time or you can also use the location history logs. Combined with location tracking is geo-fencing so that you can not only track but also refrain your targeted users from going into places that you don’t want them.

Online activity tracking

The reason why we need a spy app for smartphones and tablets is because of their internet-ready feature. These portable devices are always connected to internet, either through WiFi or using data plans, which makes them vulnerable to many forms of online threats. And when someone uses their phone to send text messages, photos or videos to others, it’s a very peculiar situation in terms of digital security. You can’t leave your teenage kids or your office employees on their own with their smartphones, because they can share anything, anytime, that they shouldn’t have otherwise. XNSPY can spy chats and multimedia from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, iMessage and Instagram. It can also track emails and internet browsing activity.

Xnspy is extremely useful and completely undetectable iPhone spy that any parent or employer can use for effective and safe monitoring.

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