Classic video games that should be released PS4

Earlier this year, Sony announced its ambitious plans concerning the porting of classic games from PlayStation 2 to PS4. And the transition from words to deeds did not take much time. The first batch of PS2-games featuring 1080p graphics were already released for PS4 in the very beginning of December. Among the “guinea-pigs” were Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud, and three games in the GTA series. A little later, there was some information that the next game released for PS4 would be the cult shooter – Max Payne. However, Sony is apparently not going to stop, therefore we have decided to pick the most interesting PS2-games that we would love to see on PS4 in the future. Furthermore, we recommend you visit to learn about video games in Canada.

Devil May Cry

This iconic game was developed by a legendary Japanese game designer named Hideki Kamiya, who is also a creator of Bayonetta and Resident Evil 2. The original Devil May Cry pleased us with its dynamic battles against demons in an elaborated gloomy gothic world. The game features huge swords, epic opponents and unreal music. Devil May Cry is one of the most atmospheric games in history.

Shadow of the Colossus

No other game will not make you feel as isolated from the world as a great action- puzzle game called Shadow of the Colossus. Here you have to find and defeat 16 giant creatures the size of a skyscraper and to help you achieve the goal, you will have a gallant horse named Agro by your side. And if you think that Roach from “The Witcher 3” is the best friend for a traveler, then you just need play Shadow of the Colossus.

Silent Hill 2

Unluckily for millions of PlayStation 4 owners, the release of an ambitious survival horror named Silent Hills from Konami has been canceled. However, PS4 users might soon get its distant ancestor – Silent Hill 2. This game has a truly frightening atmosphere. Due to the constant fog and “mechanical” sounds, Silent Hill 2 makes you feel as if you are truly in hell. Perhaps none of the subsequent parts of the series will make such a deep impression.


Many gamers think that GTA is the cruelest game made by Rockstar. However, against the backdrop of the controversial stealth action called Manhunt, the murder and the violence in GTA can be considered to be innocent childish prank. In 2003, Manhunt was banned in many countries of the world, and it must be said, there are some reasons for that. Manhunt is an extremely bloodthirsty game and is quite unique in the world of video games and for that reason Sony might release it for PlayStation 4.

To sum up, we hope you enjoyed our list of the most interesting games that Sony might port to PS4. What’s more we think that the chances are pretty good that the company will actually port them so if you want to buy Playstation 4 do not hesitate!

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