How Does Video Conferencing Work & What’s Needed?

video conferencing 

Video conferencing can be defined as a method of collaboration with people who are far away from one’s location by using real-time video calls or interaction facilities. This particular kind of technology has been used for a considerable period of time now but it is only now that it has gained such a huge level of popularity, especially in the corporate circles. It has become a potent tool for assimilating people for the purpose of net meetings and internet conferences. People are also able to access this technology to a greater extent since technology has made it possible to do so. In fact, the costs in this case are so minimal that entrepreneurs and SMEs are able to use it for the betterment of their business without much thought.

kinds of video conferencing

Various Kinds of Business Conferencing

There are two kinds of video conferencing – multipoint and point-to-point. Point-to-point is a video conference that happens between a couple of locations. There are only two points involved. This is a rather simple and straightforward process. It is a lot like a simple phone call taking place between two people. Multipoint video conferences are a different ball game. It calls into play many locations at once. This form of video conferencing needs a bridging service.

This bridging service is needed to connect various terminals into one point. These conferences are a great way to get in touch with a lot of people at the same time. However, the amount of work needed in these conferences is much more than the point-to-point conferences. These days, web conference software is used in order connect many people at the same time. The software is used to set up remote desktop connections. At times, they include video conferencing facilities and at times they are used alongwith such activities. When presentation software and web conferencing are used alongwith video conferences, users are able to see each other.

Video streaming also plays a major part in enabling this phenomenon. Through video streaming they are able to look at the same documents as well as applications that are there at screen of the remote desktop computer being used by the speaker. In lot of cases people may also use mobile devices as well in order to conduct these conferences. These days, one can also see the trend of uploading the conferences on the internet. This enables people to view them later on. This is a great help for people who may have missed the event for some reason or the other.

Functioning of a video conference

There are various parts to a video conference and there are certain things that need to be taken care of before a conference happens. The first thing is to inform all the participants about the exact specifics about the date and time of the conference. Next comes the technological part of the conference. This is a rather important part of the event and you need to make sure that all the necessary video conference equipments are there so as to ensure its smooth flow. The technology used in these events – as you may know by now – is a combination of hardware and software. The first, and perhaps the most integral part of a video conference, is the video input. You could be using a web cam or a video camera to run the event. Normally one camera is needed for each location.

In case of the bigger video conferences more cameras are needed. In case presentations are needed, digital projectors will be called into play to a greater extent. With digital projectors it is possible to send the video conferences and the presentation. These days, people are using web cams much more than the traditional video cameras. Video output is also an important part of these conferences, especially from a technological point of view. You can use media such as normal televisions, computer monitors, and digital televisions in order to generate the output.

Audio input

In most video conferences microphones are used in order to be used as audio input. At times, every person speaking in the conference may have his or her own individual mike and on other occasions only one mike is used. In such cases the mike is either placed at a central location or it is passed around among people. The audio output is done through a wide array of equipments, which may or may not be professional in nature. Normally speakers are used. Apart from normal speakers, small speakers mounted on laptops, or headphones may also be used. The data transfer being done in video conferences depends on the technology that is being used.

Importance of video conferencing solutions

With the development of technology nowadays people are coming up with software solutions that are dedicated exclusively to video conferencing. Using these means you do not need to hardware, which can be such a messy affair when you come to think of it. Quite often it has been seen that video conferences have been ruined because of faulty hardware. However, when one is using software such issues are less likely to happen.

Some important terms

Like any other business activity jargon is an important part of video conferences as well. The terms used in this domain are on the higher side since a lot of disciplines such as networking, audio, and video are being used over here. When one is saying full HD resolution or 1080p/30 one means 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. When someone says BYOD it stands for bring your own device. This is used in case where participants are responsible for their own technology such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. In such cases, one is not supposed to look to the organization, which is arranging the meet, to get the devices. The word Codec stands for decompression cum compression engine that is included in a video system. Endpoint is basically a device that is used for conducting a video conference. VC is an abbreviation for video conferencing. Now, who could have known that!

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