The Best Gadgets to Enhance Your TV Viewing Pleasure

The Best Gadgets to Enhance Your TV Viewing Pleasure

The rise of online media and the Internet may have led to the decline in popularity of traditional industries such as radio and print newspapers, but the television industry refuses to back down. In fact, today’s TV units are able to ride the waves of online entertainment and remain a hot-selling commodity in the market.

According to the latest statistics from Nielsen via Statista, the number of TV households in the U.S. dropped slightly since 2011 but is now gaining ground again starting in 2013. Today, roughly 116.4 million households in the country own a television.

You might be wondering why TV has remained popular amidst the presence of video streaming. Here are some of the reasons why the world of television is keeping afloat:

  • Better TV technology: High-definition and 4K TV have revolutionized the picture quality of television units today. Most of them can also receive inputs from different sources and ports, thereby elevating the flexibility of TV.
  • Wide variety of high-quality TV shows: Network executives refuse to believe that the TV world is dying, what with the impressive and overwhelming breadth of TV programs available today. They have made sure that there’s a show for literally anyone these days.
  • TV compatibility with online media: The new generation of TV sets can now accept Internet feed, so that you can view online videos on a bigger screen. There are many DIRECTTV Internet providers that can help you in hooking up your TV to online streaming services.

If you’re eager to enhance your TV viewing experience, here are some gadgets that might change the way you use your television:

Amazon FireTV Stick

This innocent-looking baby packs a mean punch in terms of features. recommends the device because it can be used to “watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Watch ESPN, or listen to music channels such as Spotify and Pandora.” Although the Roku may be better in playing these media, the device works best if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime.

Apple TV

Now on its fourth generation, Apple TV will always appear in any top TV gadgets list. This digital media player can receive online feed to project digital media content on your TV screen from popular video services. This device works best if you own an iOS or iTunes-compatible device because it can also play local files.

Google Chromecast

One of the most affordable TV media devices is packed with features that can rival the giants. Chromecast can play YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play videos. Despite its limited features, PCMag recommends it for its unbeatable price. Besides, Google will definitely integrate more video streaming services in the near future.

Logitech Harmony Companion

We’re nowhere near the technology (or the magic) of the time-travel remote control from the movie “Click”, but Logitech’s gadget gives you the power to control several devices in a single console. Harmony Companion can control the TV, entertainment appliances, and smart-enabled home systems for lights, locks, and blinds. It is also compatible with popular home media devices such as Roku and Apple TV!

Let’s face it: Despite the boom of online video streaming services, television is here to stay. Why not make the most out of your TV viewing experience by using any of these TV-compatible gadgets?

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