Tools To Locate IP Addresses And Domain Names

Locate IP Addresses And Domain Names

If not all, then mostly people ever heard about IP addresses and domain names, even though they barely know about the definition or the concept of the two. However, don’t you know that using either domain name or IP address you can figure out someone’s location? You need only to out certain IP address or domain name into certain tracking tool, then you directly get information about country, state, provider, longitude, latitude, and city of the device user. Before talking further about the tool and how you can access it, in case that you want to test your own IP address and how it can display your location, what are they IP address and domain name?

Though the two are totally different somehow people treat them as identical. You can read on if you expect to know the different. Start from IP address, some of you may know that “IP” part of IP address it speaks Internet Protocol. IP address is like communication tool to make communication between your computer with other computer somewhere becomes possible when both device are connected via internet. IP address appears in number like for instance. You know the existence of IP address makes information that you send like message or some will simply go to its destination without mistake.

Speak of IP address, it is divided in two dynamic and static. The difference? A dynamic IP address is a kind of temporary IP address that is obtained by borrowing IP address from numbers of computers. It is said that this kind of IP address is safer. A static IP address is a contrary from the aforementioned IP address. The latter one can’t be changed as it is permanent. For you to know, this typical IP address stores information about the device location. Then, how about domain name?

Not only IP address, but some people misunderstand domain name with url. Indeed the two can’t be separated as url is a part of domain name and vice versa. You can say that domain name is a address of certain website that contains necessary information about the website itself. Three main factors when it comes to domain name are “www” that interpret world wide web as the prefix of the domain name, then “com” that becomes the top level for the domain names and the last one is the sub domain part which is the name of the site like “ipalf” that makes the domain name becomes or something like that.

Now, you already know about the basic concept both IP address and domain name , then how about the tracking tool that can locate the previous two? If you are curious, then is what you need. It is a free tool that can help you to track the IP address and domain name, then converting them into information of your physical address where your device is located. If you use IP address to locate your location, then it is should be a static IP address that you put there.

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