Top 6 LED Colors for Lighting Your Car’s Interior


Interiors are just as important as the exterior of the car when it comes to illumination. If you’ve installed brilliant looking LED lights on the exterior of your car, you’re probably looking to do the same for the interior as well. You might have chosen the spots where you’d install the lights, like the projector, strips, tubes, floor pedal covers etc. but the most pressing question still waits. What color lights would look amazing in the interior? To help you out, here are the most sought after six colors of LED lights that you can install in the interior of your beloved car.

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  1. Pink

One of the top choices for car interior illumination is the color pink. It emanates a soft glow if you add it to the floor pedals, and it’s quite pleasing to the eye because there isn’t much of a brightness hassle with it. Even if you attach the strips to your dashboard or the under the seats, it will provide a pretty illumination. People choose pink for their car interiors because it creates a gentle ambience, and whether it is neon pink or a soft pink, you’ll get the kind of mild lighting that will soothe you when you enter the car.

  1. Green

Another popular choice for LED lights in the car interior is green. Neon green is especially a fashionable option that people like to go for, because of the fact that the illumination it gives is particularly strong and bright. LED tubes and strips get attached easily on the places of the choice of car owners, since the color green is proven to be chiefly relaxing to the mind. Whether it is the glove compartment, the projector, or the trunk, it is a much loved choice for the car interior LED.

  1. Red

If you want a glow that can surpass any other, red is your color. A particularly dazzling light, which can never go unnoticed, red LED lights give a peculiarly alluring look to the interior of your car. It is the color that is most preferred on the dashboard because of its brilliant luminous quality. It won’t disappoint you if the red LED tubes are added to the dome lights, seats or floor of the car either.

  1. Purple

Just as pink radiates a soft glow, so does purple. It gives off a unique aura when you install purple lights in your car, whether the tube or bulbs are attached to the dome or the dashboard, they certainly look appealing. Not too bright and not too soft, purple is just the right color for the car interior, and it also complements the exterior of the car. You can find it on sites like The trunk and floor are also the most common places that people add purple LED tubes to.

  1. Blue

The most loved and adored color is blue when it comes to choosing LED lights, be it the interior or the exterior of the car. Blue gives off a royal vibe when added to the car and the glow that it produces is beyond what you might have expected. Attach the tubes or strips to the floor or the dome, even the dashboard, and you can have a gleaming effect on the inside of your car. Blue is a color that has proven to have increased the alertness of a person, and when added in the car, it helps all the more. The brightness of blue is moderate and is not too glossy for the driver’s eyes.

  1. Orange

People are known to have entirely illuminated the interior of their car with the use of orange LED lights. Orange, although not a very popular choice, illuminates the dashboard in a gleaming light that is of great assistance to the driver. It also goes well with the dark colors of cars, making the vehicles look all the more fascinating. Mainly people add orange light to the projectors, and neon orange strips are attached to the floor pedal covers, giving off a radiance that can’t be matched.

It might seem as though choosing the right color is confusing, but once you’ve set your eyes on any of the above colors, you won’t look any further. LED lights will certainly make your car look more wonderful than ever.

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