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MalwareHero – Your Guide Through the Murky Waters of the Internet

The Internet is probably one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 20th century and is expanding even as we speak. Unfortunately, its immense usefulness is accompanied by an even more immense number of malware threats. If you want to stay safe and still enjoy the possibilities the Internet offers, MalwareHero is what you need. […]

Network Security in Seattle

Having an effective network security for your business is very important. With a network security system, every sensitive information of your company including files, passwords and other personal information are secured and well protected from unauthorized access. This is one of the reasons why most big companies and small businesses including banks, offices and other […]

Are You Ready for a TV the Size of Wall?

With all the hype around the huge screen TVs that almost cover up a big wall, everyone seems quite excited about the idea. But are we ready for such a humungous screen? According to answers TVs like Sharp’s 90-inch or Samsung’s UHDTV110 (it has 110 inches!) received from the market, we are completely prepared to […]

What You Need to Look For When Choosing a New ISP

Nowadays, our general happiness and interior peace are directly influenced by our Internet speed. Have you ever tried watching YouTube on a slow connection? It’s extremely frustrating! If your connection is slow, maybe it’s time to leave your current provider and start the search for a new one. It’s better to leave your comfort zone […]

How to Use Drones for Your Advertising Needs

The use of drones has drastically changed ever since they were first invented. These unmanned machines were once utilized solely by the military for target practice and reconnaissance missions. Today, the drones have widened their presence from military bases to public areas such as parks and malls. Smaller units were developed for different purposes such […]