3 Office 365 Tips

3 Office 365 Tips

There are many advantages of using Microsoft Office 365. This is the reason why it has been so widely accepted worldwide. But there are many features and tips to it which are not known to most users. Here are 3 MS Office 365 tips that can be beneficial to users from different walks of life.

If you are logging into your account using office 365 login portal, these tips should help you get more out of your MS Office experience.

1. MS Excel Quick Analysis & Flash Fill

It was a tedious job to collect and organized data in Excel in the past. But you can do a lot more like creating line charts, sparklines and column charts using Quick Analysis.

Microsoft Office 365 also allows you to apply table style, insert totals and create PivotTables. You could change the options based on the data type.

Flash Fill – Most users are unaware of a new feature in Excel – Flash Fill. This feature enables reformatting of columns in an instant. It will detect the reformatted columns automatically when you adjust them and will show a fresh list in new format. You can then confirm whether you want to save the format. This will help in saving your valuable time and effort.

2. Message Analyzer

If you are an Exchange administrator you will already know about the Remote Connectivity Analyzer. Office 365 has a feature called Message Analyzer which is mostly unknown to users.

It can be found as a tab on the right side of the Remote Connectivity Analyzer screen. If you are an admin, it allows you to find out the causes behind any message delays. There are very few tools which are as valuable as this one.

So whenever users complain about emails taking too long to reach the recipients, you could easily check the reason. This feature can be especially beneficial in organizations.

Message Analyzer automatically displays where the delays have occurred. You could also know if the delay occurred from Microsoft or sender side. It can also be used for other applications including migration testing.

3. Caching Control – Mail Client

Most of the time your email program works better when caching is enabled. It is usually enabled by default. When you cache mail, it will create copies of your messages on your local drive. It will speed up the process of accessing messages:

  • When you are offline
  • When you are on the move when there is no connectivity
  • When the connection is slow

In fact, you will not be able to view your messages without caching. But if you have a large mailbox, it will be better to disable caching. It will be best to cache for a specific time period and turn it off for the rest of the time. This is because larger mailboxes (of 10GB or more) will cause performance issues with MS Outlook. However, it rarely happens that mailboxes reach that size.

These 3 tips will help you get more out of your experience with Office 365.

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