Alternative things that you can use your TV for

The world as we know it changed with the invention of the TV. We could watch things happening far away on the other side of the planet while sitting in our living rooms. We switched from listening to a radio commentary to watching the match live on TV. With the endless number of TV networks and shows available today, our TVs have gone beyond entertainment, into being informative, educational and interactive too. Smartphones and flat screen TVs are an important part of our everyday life, and in case, you’re planning to buy one anytime soon you could take a look at the Samsung TV Price List and pick one that’s best for you.

In the meanwhile, we’ll tell you how you can use your TV to the best of its abilities!

1)    Computer screen

You can say goodbye to your old monitor and connect your Computer to your TV instead. Your wide flat screen TV is perfect to use as a monitor, and you won’t have to trouble your eyes to read those emails in small fonts! You can convert your living room into your study and use the space effectively, once you’re done with work, you can switch back to watching TV and that way you don’t waste too much space either.

2)    Gaming!

Playing games on your phone is good, its better on a 15inch laptop screen but it’s simply best if you can turn your 42-inch flat screen into a gaming screen. It’s a fun way to spend time with your family, challenge your siblings or let your parents revisit their childhood. You can connect multiple gaming consoles to your TV and that’s all you’ll probably need for the weekend, along with some junk food maybe!

3)    Frame it

All our devices do much more than their share of our everyday tasks. Why can’t your TV do the same? When you aren’t watching TV, or if you have a house party with your friends coming over, you can easily turn your TV into a digital photo frame. Set it to display a set of pictures on loop, you could also configure for a soothing tune in the background. Your guests can look at them or simply enjoy the music over dinner.

4)    Fireplace? Or a window?

Apart from pictures, you can use your TV screen to display a beautiful scene or your city’s skyline. Your TV could turn into an artificial window, and since the image is still it won’t be distracting for your guests either. If you’re having a romantic candle light dinner on a cold winter night you could have your TV display a burning fireplace for added effect.

5)    Make video calls

Most of the new TVs are wifi enabled and allow you to use skype or browse the internet. You can make video calls to your cousins or friends abroad and your whole family could attend it, without having to squeeze themselves in front of your tiny laptop screen. That’s the closet you can get to an actually mini family reunion.

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