Are You Ready for a TV the Size of Wall?

Are You Ready for a TV the Size of WallWith all the hype around the huge screen TVs that almost cover up a big wall, everyone seems quite excited about the idea. But are we ready for such a humungous screen?

According to answers TVs like Sharp’s 90-inch or Samsung’s UHDTV110 (it has 110 inches!) received from the market, we are completely prepared to accept such screens in our homes. Even more, people are prepared to see huge curved screen or screens that roll up on the market so it’s no surprise that the huge diagonal length didn’t actually took anyone by surprise.


So how does it feel to own a huge screen TV? Some say it’s like looking out a window, and the idea is quite inspiring. You don’t have to imagine how it would be to own beach front property in Hawaii, you can simply play it on your TV.

Picture quality & overall experience

First things first: a behemoth like this needs space! You won’t be able to fit it in a small room and still enjoy the experience. Such a big screen needs to be appreciated correctly and for this, you need the right viewing conditions.

For example, a 75-inch TV needs to be 11.5 feet away from your couch (data from so you don’t see the image distorted or get eyestrain from being too close. Also, you may want to consider the viewing angle, but only if you have a huge room where you can go and watch the TV from the side. Otherwise, it won’t matter since the TV is already occupying most of your wall.

Here is where that 4k resolution actually makes sense! Such a resolution combined with the large diagonal length will definitely impress you to the bone. The colors and the smooth, natural movements are something that truly manage to offer the cinematic experience in your own home.

Imagine watching the Super Bowl on this

The experience would be truly mesmerizing! Still, you will need to make sure your television provider supports, at least, HD resolution. This way the image quality will be, at least, good if not fantastic. Don’t worry; there are great providers out there that can handle a huge TV with a great resolution. With Directv’s package options for high-quality and great service, you may not have to look very far.

Anyways, live events like the Super Bowl or a concert will definitely be a life-changing experience. You’ll feel like having first-row sits from the comfort of your own home.

Slim & beautiful design

In the past, the rule was: the bigger the diagonal, the thicker the TV. Well, this applies no more! These TVs are slim and producers found ingenious ways to place them in our rooms. Take Samsung’s specially designed frame for its 110-inch TV for example. It’s elegant, beautiful and almost makes you think of a painting.

Even more, nowadays TVs have other purposes than just watching movies and television. You can use such a big screen to run multiple actions at one like chatting with friends and browsing online while you’re keeping an eye on the commercial break.

So, to answer the question in the title, yes we are ready to own huge TV screens with amazing resolution and fantastic image quality. This is the general direction TVs are pointed at and it’s something we can’t expect to happen.

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