How to Get Free/Discounted Web Hosting

Discounted Web Hosting

Web hosting has become very popular in the recent past. It is basically an internet service which enables people to put up their own websites on the internet. There are certain companies which rent out server-owned space for use by clients who lease them. They are known as web hosts and they also typically provide internet connectivity.

In order to increase their business and make people avail of their services, they too come up with schemes and discounts to attract customers. This can be done in a number of ways like:

  • Offering discount coupons

For example, the Hostgator coupon offered by web hosting service Hostgator. These coupons can be used for either

    • Signing up for a new hosting,
    • Registering a new domain or
    • Doing both registering and signing up.

Generally these coupons come with a promo code which needs to be input to get the offered discount on the internet. These coupons are available for either shared or dedicated or even a virtual private server. They are of great advantage to customers who want to avail the full benefits of hosting a secure website but have budget constraints.

  • Offering a website for free

Just as the Hostgator coupons are used to avail of webhosting at discounted price, there are some web hosts who offer websites for free. These sites can either be:

    • Advertisement supported

Herein the terms of service specifically allow different companies to market their products on the website. This, in turn, helps to indirectly bear the cost of the website thereby making it free for the client who leases it.

    • Not supported by advertisements

These websites are offered for free for a very limited time period, generally as a marketing strategy. It might also give limited access to the user for his use.

Some Limitations of Free Web Hosting

There are some limitations associated with free web hosting services. They are:

  • These services usually provide the user with a sub domain or a directory in stark contrast with paid services which gives a second-level domain to its client or user.

  • These services do not allow pornography and have strict rules to implement the same.

  • File or image hosting without having an established web-page is usually discouraged. Hence remote linking or inclusion of too many downloaded file formats, media or images is not only disallowed, and this feature is disabled in many free web hosting sites.

  • Other limitations include:

    • Limitations on file size and file type uploads,
    • Limitations on the total amount of uploads that can be done onto the server,
    • Storage of files on the server is generally not appreciated.

Even with all these limitations, free or discounted web hosting services are still very popular and lot of people make use of them. But care must be taken to ensure that the web hosts do not offer cheap service along with these discounted or free websites.

In fact most web hosts offering these discounted or free websites also have templates available on their sites. These templates help and guide the user to set up the websites to their satisfaction and also acquaint them with many useful features which help the users to make even better websites.

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