How to Use Drones for Your Advertising Needs

The use of drones has drastically changed ever since they were first invented. These unmanned machines were once utilized solely by the military for target practice and reconnaissance missions. Today, the drones have widened their presence from military bases to public areas such as parks and malls. Smaller units were developed for different purposes such as shooting hard to reach locations in films or delivering packages. Another application for drones has also been increasing in popularity nowadays: advertising products.

The Potential of Drones in Advertising

Eugene Stark was the first one to see the huge potential of drones to be able to rake in large profits for a company when used in advertising. He was operating his DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone in a park while a basketball game was being held nearby. He began to notice that people were no longer watching the basketball game, instead they have shifted their attention to watch his flying drone. This inspired him to launch his company that uses drones to carry advertisements in highly populated areas. The drones tend to attract people to come closer and inquire about the product.

Different Ways to Use Drones in Advertising

For those who want to explore using drones to promote their products, a lot of options are available:

Aerial Banner

An aerial banner is an advertisement that places a banner in a drone instead of using a plane. The number of companies using this method is steadily growing. It is incredibly useful for promotion in events with a large number of attendees such as festivals or games.

Projector Drone

The projector drone is composed of a beamer installed in a multirotor drone. The drone is the flown to a wall to project a video of the advertisement. There are certain concerns such as power consumption that need to be addressed, but this method can effectively get your message across to your target customers.

Swarm skywriting

The most interesting method of advertisement using drones is swarm skywriting. An assembly of drones is installed with lights to display a message in the sky at night. This technique was first used in 2013 during the celebration of Earth Day wherein quadcopters depicted the logo of Star Fleet over the night sky of London to promote the upcoming movie Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Advantage of Drones over Other Kinds of Advertisements

Blimps have always dominated the field of flying advertisement. However, drones are smaller in size which makes them more agile. They can be flown in lower levels and doesn’t need to fly high like the blimp in order to be noticed. Drones can reach places where other methods of advertisement cannot. Even though the usual 6 feet size of the advertisement space of a drone is miniscule as compared to the typical 246 feet space a blimp provides, it is already enough to convey your message across. Those who see the drone are more engaged in the advertisement as compared to the blimp.

Marketers expect to see more of drones making waves in the field of advertisement. If you want to experience the huge rewards a drone can do for your business, you can get your own drone at a very reasonable price at Space City Drones. Browse our online catalog today.

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