MalwareHero – Your Guide Through the Murky Waters of the Internet

imageThe Internet is probably one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 20th century and is expanding even as we speak. Unfortunately, its immense usefulness is accompanied by an even more immense number of malware threats. If you want to stay safe and still enjoy the possibilities the Internet offers, MalwareHero is what you need. This user-friendly website is packed with tons of information about adware, bundled software, Trojans, browser hijackers and other malware threats, together with the removal instructions as well as advice on how to successfully keep those nuisance programs away from your computer.

MalwareHero is divided into several sections and it’s conveniently structured so that you can find the desired information right away. Its News section features articles on the latest malware threats, so that you will be timely informed when a new threat appears on the Internet. This versatile website offers the news not only for Windows users but also for those of you who are on iOS or Android. If new technologies and software are all Greek to you, don’t worry as the Malware Protection section will show you the ropes. Here you can find simplified definitions and explanations of the basic malware terms.

The Guides section of this useful website provides you with a great number of guides and tutorials showing in detail how to remove various potentially unwanted programs and other kinds of malware. First of all, those removal guides are free, and you don’t have to buy or install anything in order to get the information you need. Many other websites demand that you register before you can access their database but not MalwareHero. This website offers you help and asks for nothing in return. Removal guides are comprehensive and designed in a step-by-step manner, with lots of screenshots illustrating each step of the removal process. If reading instructions is not your thing, don’t worry because each malware removal article is accompanied by a video tutorial. These removal articles are intended to be comprehensible even for people who don’t know the first thing about computers, and we can say that the staff behind this website did a great job in making these tutorials easy to follow. Give MalwareHero a try and check out articles such as “Trojan.Cryptlocker.AC Removal” or “Remove”.

Ask a Question section is an amazing finishing touch. It offers you the possibility to contact the staff and ask any question concerning malware. Unlike many other websites, these guys will actually provide you with a timely answer.

We can wholeheartedly recommend you to turn to MalwareHero if you want advice on how to prevent and efficiently remove any kind of malware infection. Don’t hesitate to check it out and find useful information on how to protect your computer from various menacing programs.

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